Monday, September 29, 2008


i guess a HUGE part of me is still isnt scared history would repeat itself esp since u havent changed one bit.its either u change or im leaving, not gonna wait for u and and ur games tired.

with u,i feel like im consolation prize.

and im tired of feeling that way.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

mayday mayday.i have to find a good yet cheap saloon asap.

i cannot stand it anymore.i swear if i see anthr curl on my effin head.i would go berserk.

oh i just dnt get it.some of my neighbors are soo inconsiderate, they play mercun like there's no tmrwe,it makes my ears POP!

thank god smlm someone called the cops,miahahhahhahahhahahhahahha*evil laugh*

padan muka.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

cant wait!

im soo finallllly going to straighten my hair once and for all.ive wanted to do this since i ws thirteen.that's like 7 years ago!!geez,gler lama.i bought all the straightening creams out there but none seems to work it's magic on me:(

this couple of days has been hell for hair seems as tho it has its own brain.kinks everywhere.and its driving me mad.ask merr and nash.hahahahhaha.

so ive bertekad to do it.get it over and done with.i cant stand it anymoree.i dream about it,i think all the time about it, i even write in my diary about it.soo smwhere this week,i will finally do it,with herne taht is.YAY!!

i just hope it would turn out as how i've always imagined*fingers crossed*

Saturday, September 20, 2008


u know that one person who u can always depend on,the one who can mk ur day by just being there doing nothing.

here's mine.his name is tawfiq and i call him baby:)

our morning routine would be something like this.

me:baby,can i kiss u?
baby:*nods*shows his right cheek, left cheek and forehead.
me:some more...
baby:puts his right hand on my lips, his left hand, followed by him pushing my head to his belly and down to his feet.
baby:okay dah. k.chickkk come here!(him grabbing my hand wanting me to watch barney with him)

Because of him, most of the time i'd be humming to Barney's songs which includes Mr.Sun, Old king Cole, The wheels on the bus and so much more. That is why at times, i have no idea what u guys are humming to and if u pay close attn, u would occasionally hear me asking u guys WHO IS THIS SINGER and WHAT SONG IS THIS???!

here's a couple of tawfiq's pics

i've actually have someone in mind for tawfiq!and that is sara, the baby living in front of my hse.she's a bit on the tomboy-ish side being the only grl in the family and all.but she is just soo adorable.just imagine a tanned-skined baby with light brown hair, cute button nose, pouty lil red lips with big innocent round eyes. believe me,she's somthing.she's beauty with a kick.

nway.back to the match-making story.i think they would be puurfect for each other coz:-

1. they share the same bday, same year,
2. live in the same neighborhood
3. sara's brother's name is also taufiq(with a U,that is)
4.they Love having their lips-locked to one anthr .usually sara would lean first and mk the frst move.hehe.i shall upload some pics of them doing wht they do best(kissing)in the near future.teehehehee;)

what are the odds kann?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

this is fun!

i went to azie's page and saw that she tagged me!so this is what she wanted me to do:-

*I challenge you to make your own list. The only catch? You can’t include a single person you know on your list. No “I love the way my husband laughs” or “I love hearing my little girl call for me.” It’ll be tough, I know. (Think about it, I couldn’t include MOLLY on my list.) But this particular little exercise is about stripping away everyone who defines you and figuring out what you (not his partner; not their mother/daughter/sister/friend) love.

i love sleeping in my queen-sized bed coz i can guling2, i love waking up in the morning when everyone is still asleep, i love making to-do-lists and posting them all over my room, i love eating bfast at mcd, i love swimming and dipping my legs in the pool, i love the smell of my store room, i love experimenting with desserts and looking for easy recipes on the net, i love watching movies alone and cry at the corniest scenes, i love couple seats;), i love picnics, i love the beach, i love fun-fairs, i love the big red SALE sign in malls, i love to people-watch, i love good food,i love belly buttons coz i think they're adorable;), i love subang parade coz not many people go there, i love reading chic-lits, i love reading my diary over and over again, i love goofing around, i love sleepovers, i love having girly moments, i love shah alam, i love driving around my hometown, i love hanging out in the car whilst looking at houses, i love the 'pffft' sound when i blow in the baby's tummy, i love bargains and vintage items, i love looking at stick-thin ppl with long straight hair, i love my yawa camps, i love all my clubs,i love dancing to Barney's songs, i love secrets, i love strawberry shake, i love tgif's nachos, i love giggling and slapping ppl when i think they're funny, i love making faces at babies, i love the sound of birds chirping, i love the morning cool breeze, i love dresses, i love looking at dresses,i love making ppl happy, i love sappy valentine cards, i love nail polish,i love having my legs waxed eventho it hurts, i love my ME time.i love LOVE

thanks azie for this assignment.i had fun doing it:)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I just finished watching oc season 4 and i cant believe it's overrrrrrrr.but smhw oc without marissa doesnt feel right.and i think taylor is uber annoying.urgh. her with her high-pitched voice squealing all the time.sheesh.she would never ever ever take marissa's spot!

ooh and summer and seth smhw has this awkward chemistry this season.not like those good old romantic days.i guess its partly due to the fact that they broke-up off screen.but summer is prettier than ever tho esp on her wedding day except that i think that her dress was a wee to big for it looked as though it was baju pinjam.she deserves better, a wayy prettier dress.but despite the wardrobe issue, she is still the summer i adore.

this season, im beginning to really like sandy cohen.aaaah.eventho he's old,he's such a he approached Kirsten during their Berkeley days,how he assured others everything would be okay during the earthquake episode eventho all he really wanted to do was to be with Kirsten and the boys.or what about the time when Kirsten felt smtg was wrong with the baby, how Sandy fought his way through so his wife could get medical attention.

he has proven that chivalry is still indeed very much alive:)

oooh i've found my jimmy cooper but where's my sandy cohen?sandy cohen,where art thou?*dreamy sigh*

Friday, September 12, 2008

a whole new chapter

some kids just called me AUNTY!me,aina shazea an aunty?!
i've nvr been called that before.never ever ever.this is a new feeling.a weird feeling.An annoyed, hardy harhar mixed with a ray of anger feeling.

i shouldnt be mad.should i?they're just little creatures.little confused creatures.

haish.budak2 zaman skrg.soo young,soo clueless.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

disappointed with self.

a self reminder.

aina,u gotta start focusing and start studying.

no more dawood and khalifah, no more bundle and bijou bazaars,no more going to pyramid and subang parade,no more blo0k and movies on tuesday nights, no more blajar driving malam-malam, no more going next door and playing with the baby, no more temaning aunty gina to kenduris, no more helping aunty gina making lepat labu and karipap, no more sleepover with the grls, no more movies at home in the evenings,no more spending time with tok baba and tok bubu, no more opening blogs, myspace and facebook, no more late night phone more.

must start studying.betul2 studying.ur wayyy behind ur league and u gotta catch up fast.ur results are uber disastrous and you dont pay attention in class.

u gotta study,study,study!and ignore all distractions.

Monday, September 8, 2008

feeling germy

HOLY at the library waiting for my phonetics class to be specific the comp lab and its freezing cold.and i cant stop sneezing and my hingus keeps coming out and i have no tissue and that leads me to wipe my hingus using my hands and ppl are staring and whenever i touch my nose,my nose makes this squeky sound.gawd.pls help me.its soo sure these boys sitting around me are feeling soo grossed out right now.i would to if i were them.

im not feeling too good right now.why didnt i stay at home and watch oc instead?why o why?why do i have to humiliate myself in front of these smart strangers?why aina why?u should've eaten panadol bfore going to the fac tadi.urgh.

i sense a big one coming out rite now.i better run to the loo

Saturday, September 6, 2008


this song reminds me of an old friend of mine.i miss u.why did u ever change?:'(


Thursday, September 4, 2008


i sorta knew today wasnt gonna be my day.

woke up late this morn.termiss subuh and tadarus with tok bubu.
waited for pana at tesl square.she came 15 mins later.suddenly the jap lines i rmbrd yday went kaput.i couldnt rmbr a single even watashi wa aina desu.

took a deep drama all my lines again and went for my role play test

i got really legs were shaking,palms were sweating,lips trembling.normal nervous signs. though i ws nervous, i thought i nailed it.or so i thought.

my sensei said my intonation ws all should go up down up down.instead, mine ws straight and english-like.pffft.that totally ruined my mood for the day

complained to nash about jap and had girly time with her at our spot.

around 12.30 ish,we had replacement class for edu psycho.we got our first test,was that icing on the cake or what.i failed.boohoo.

bcoz of that,my spirits lglah went downhill.couldnt stop thinking about how bad i did for psycho throughout class.

so aftr class, i went up to maam and argued my points.thank god, she tmbh one point.i reminded her to change my results in her computer.tehhehhee.just to mk point did not do justice to my spirits were still down.

then came drama and nash performed pgl.madam commented on how soft our voices were.she said only the first two rows can hear.bahhh.

later that evening i found out phonetics test this sunday will cover till chapter ten. shiatze.(that's german for shit)

au revoir,