Friday, March 26, 2010

i need my space.

sometimes you just need to be with the boys.they won't 'terasa' as how grls would. u can just tell it straight to their faces and not beat around the bush. i miss them boys. Im not in the mood to butter up to those grls anymore.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jakarta, u are missed

i had the urge to write in the blog after realizing that my written English is jeopardizing.According to Mr Arif, lecturer of Introduction of Shakespeare 'blogging can enhance the language' so tadaa here i am in pursuit to better the language.

i've always wanted to update regarding my vacation to Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta is my second favourite city after Shah Alam, of course;D

i was there for my cuz's wedding, Kak Novi. the wedding was extravagant.even the akad nikah was over the top.According to my Indo cuzs, (In Indonesia) Kak Novi's wedding is considered just an average wedding.I can tell how luxurios a wedding is by looking at the chandeliers.kak novi had twelve chandeliers at her wedding, mind you.(i actually took pics of the chandeliers but somehow i forgot which folder i saved the pic-__-) i cant imagine how an extravagant Indo wedding would actually look like.

the akad nikah. kak Novi's hubster putting a ring on Kak Novi's finger.
The whole balas pantun at the akad nikah ceremony was so long, we were so bored,i dozed off for awhile, woke up and camhored with these two ;D some of my cuzs at the wedding. fyi, they are wearing traditional achenese costume. ( they're the nicest, most humble boys i've ever met. girls, if u want nice, decent guys.ditch those Malay boys and opt for Indo boys instead;p)
the dessert station at the wedding. i am a sucker for sweet delicacies hence just had to take a picture it.
the bride and groom on the pelamin. people lining up to congratulate the newly weds. you have to line up and greet the newlyweds first before dishing out. and apparently, u have to eat whilst standing up. According to my uncle, this is because the Indos lead very busy lives hence a wedding is the time to socialize. sitting down will restrict you from mingling around. they only provide chairs for the Malaysian crowd beacause we're not accustomed to culture.Kak Novi, hubster and the boys took the effort and time to bring the 4 Malaysian cuzzies to a karaoke session in the heart of Jakarta. that's Kak Novi beside me:)
everyone was so tired and sleepy but semua tanak mengaku kalah;)
this was the best way to end my Jakarta trip.

Jakarta, till we meet again

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Friday, March 5, 2010

of life.

hi bloggy,
it's been eons since i last opened many things i wanted to share but I had some serious case of blondness as i forgot your password.harharhar*slaps head*

i recently viewed this dude's blog and he happened to dedicate the blog to his deceased best friend. it moved me to tears, the stories he had with his buddy was so vivid and genuine that i could not hold back the tears. it was the kind of stories u share with ur loved ones.he talked about the routines they did together,the late night talks, the songs they hear, the inside jokes-things and stories u often share with ur good friend. he kept saying how much he misses his bestfriend, how unfair it was that his life ended so soon.

the way he composed the blog was as if the best friend was right in front of him. thus, it was more of spoken language rather than written language. and he uses present tense instead of past tense. it was as though the best friend was still alive and that made me 'boohood' even more.

his post was a reminder, an eye-opener that life is temporary.

i dont know how i would handle it if i was in his shoes.i cant imagine not having my loved ones by my side:'(