Thursday, January 29, 2009


just got back from Surabaya,Indonesia.the trip was the BOMB.a holiday with family and friends is exactly what i needed after last week's was a holiday filled with love,laughter,cheap bargains,miang indon guys,cramped feet,beautiful mother earth and fiesty indon delicacies.ooh and i reckon my body isnt fit for a holiday outside sleepy town,sa.face gets really oily,straightened hair goes either wild or flat-out straight,tummy gets a wee bit bloated.heehee.nevertheless,a holiday isnt the time where looks are one's biggest concern kan kan kannnnnnnn?

anywhoo,i was obsessed with my ka-ching.i brought my handy scientific calculator everywhere i went.everything above rm 10 was considered pricey and dead-expensive.hence,i didnt splurge that much on this recent trip.every rupiah item i saw,i would times it with 1000,then divide it with 3.if it's worth it,then i'll get it,if not,then its sayonara boys.

i've learned and gained soo many things in the past 5 days.a couple of adjectives cant do justice to what i've experienced.okay,i sound all tesl-ish and geeky there*big geeky snort*

at the islamic market.had to cover up when entering.loads of tourists and beggars.

mount bromo.we rode our own personal horses on the way up.the journey was thrilling.i urged the pak untuk perlahan-lahan membawa my horsey named kabir kerna saya gerun.(note the fake accent)ooh and the day after we went to mount bromo,the volcano erupted.scarrry ey?

watched the sunrise at was freezing cold,i wore 5 tops.

the kids,my old friends,family,that aint my tummy,that is of 5 layers of tops

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

screw him.

im boiling with anger.that jerk cancelled on me,again.big surprise there.i hate him sooo much.he's the sole reason why i cant seem to like other men.coz i dont wanna go through that all over again. i hate him soo much.i hate me for ever liking him.i hate me for looking looking forward to tonight.i shouldve known better.i hate him.he treats me like shit and i keep falling for him.

screw him.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


this is my 100th post.woot woot.yday i checked i had 97 posts posted.this morning, an additional 2 unknown posts were written in this blog.this proves that written thoughts<3 is not fully sound in the head.err,i mean mother board.

this blog has gone through a lot with me,from my pre days till this my tribute to my very own written thoughts.if u were alive, i swear i'd marry u by now:))

happy 100th!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

on a lazy tuesday evening

as i was lying down in tawfiq's room whilst playing sudoku on my phone,the baby came and hugged me.he then said' i love my bestfriend'.he calls me his best friend and i proclaim the same.that little gesture of his truly made my day.i know i could always rely on the baby for just hoping he'd stay small so we would be best friends foreverrrr and how i used to say it to my then best friend when i was still a kid,with our pinky fingers locked against each other



aint time flies fast?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

just face the music

Twas a good day till it was my turn to play. Why I decided to play, it’s beyond me. I know I wasn’t ready yet the urge to know kept roaring. Like a friend once wrote, wrong move stupid fool.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

come,join in the fun

good morning people:)

my sister is organizing 'books&looks' fair at law faculty,uitm from tomorrow(12/1/09) till wednesday(14/1/09).i'll be selling cookies and clothes together with my cousin.please buy from us okieee?all our profits will be donated to the gaza fund.lets play our part whilst having a blast shall we?

venue:law foyer,uitm shah alam
time:8.30am till 5pm
date:monday(12/1/09)-wednesday(14/1/09).(our booth will be operating only on monday)
aim:to raise money for our brothers and sisters in gaza

p.s->those who are interested in opening a booth,please e-mail me at

hope to see u guys there !

u wont understand this if ur a guy

Menses. I hate it when it comes every single month. No, I’m not talking about the excruciating pain. I’m talking about the emotional ride that comes with it. There are girls who goes through it very well with smiles. Others would cry at the beginning or before it happens. Than there’s my kind, the ones that would cry before, during and after. Every tiny bit can cause distress and soon it becomes a helluva rollercoaster ride. I’d cry when the baby cries, when people condemn my cooking, when friends can’t have dinner with me, when I read the papers and see such inhuman acts.

So guys, if u have sisters, friends or even gfs that u care about, and u happen to know that their time of the month is approaching, be a sweety and treat them with the upmost gentle, loving care that a guy can offer. Prove to us, girls that chivalry is still very much alive:)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

i wanna go to lgkw with saf and mona!

Not to be a whiny brat or anything but I’m not feeling too peachy these past few days. I feel like throwing up, I have this ringing buzz in my ears; I still have a man’s voice due to the sore throat. oh poo. I tried to cheer myself up with creamy cheese cake and even that didn't help my aching worried, it’s been quite some time now.

I eat such delicious meals yet I feel like throwing up. and I don’t wanna throw up. but it seems as though my body doesn’t respond well to food these days. Please help me. Please let me have my appetite back and give me energy. Please cure my throat so I don’t sound like a she-man albeit it’s sexy.

aaah and the title->i wanna go to lgkw with saf and mona and go on an island exploration with them.that'd be soo much fun.and i just love langkawians.they're so polite and friendly.ahhh if only i can skip classes for just a couple of days.that would be super!