Friday, October 30, 2009

i am tired of excuses

I’ve been quite uneasy lately for reasons I don’t know why. Like I’ve been knocked down or rolled over by a big truck. I don’t know how to explicitly describe the feeling. I am perturbed. Therefore I shun myself from the likes of others. Not because I am socially retarded but because I’m battling with my inner self. This causes me to react and behave in odd ways.i-e-the cold shoulders.

Monday, October 26, 2009

u've got me high!:)

so i lied. i have not been updating my blog.assignments and tests have been crazeyyyy hell and i didn't even hv time for myself and loved ones. not even gossip sharing moments at mamak with frens or fancy pansy restaurant outings with the grandparents

my bday was last tues, and truthfully, i was not in my festive facade.i didn't care if didn't get pressies or if i didn't get a bday cake.all i really wanted was to hibernate for hours long in my room. nonetheless, my bday turned out pretty awesome.bday wishes kept flowing and that made me smile 3 inches wide.and most importantly, i get to celebrate with the ppl i care about in life.i am a happy buffoon.

photos taken during celebration with the girlies

had red apple sorbet with water cress soup(soup was gobbled down in an instant, didn't get the chance to tk photos of it :p)

This was what sue and dot ordered.forgot the name.but the meat was tender( i could skin it off with my teeth) the gravy was thick and mashed potato was rich and buttery.yumm yummm.will definitely go for this next time around!

dot got me tiramisu cake, a wand, sparkle candles and a crown!:D
the staff sang happy bday in both, English and Malay versions and called me 'the queen' haha.funnneyh

the girlies<3 (taken frm sue's camera thus different resolutions from the othr photos)

the place and decorations are purrrdy.
this will be my engagement after-party location.hehehe

p.s->thank u for the wishes, bday cakes, pressies, bear hugs, wet kisses, movie date love love

Thursday, October 1, 2009

rest for 10 mins, then i gotta study,study,study!

i've completed my socio assignment. the feeling is overwhelming. since i hv no ink in my printer, i had to walk to the cc under the scorching sun whilst the men head to the mosque to perform their friday prayers thus i was hoping the cc would be empty or at least guy-less.

to my dismay, there were a couple of malay muslim guys at the cc just hanging around, checking their fb. i just find it rather insulting thus i just had to gv them the nasty look. they should have at least stayed at home or the hostel rather than parading themselves in public.gahh. some malay guys are just embarrassing.

anyway, this week has been busy, busy, busy for me and the rest of my mates too. next week, too will be a hectic week.

to-do list
saturday-sociolinguistics test
monday-cni microteaching, submit reading lesson plan
tuesday-submit creative writing portfolio.
wednesday-the last discussion for 1000 splendid suns, our group's presentation
thursday-study japanese,last day to ask ques before the final paper.

i think there's more, i just cant seem to recall..

oh and i think i flunked my reading test 2. my head just went blank.fcuk.