Thursday, December 24, 2009

Don't knock me on my face

Not feeling too peachy lately. The tummy often does some serious somersaults and head throbs at loud noises whilst the eyes blink at the sight of neon ugly colours.

I am currently not in the best of shape nor mood. With the physique not adjusting well to the food and surrounding, the time of the month crashing, the departure of a good friend, the cold-shoulder treatment from someone from the past, the bickering/fighting from the sister. Yes, things are just swell for me..

I know I tend to pout and nag at the tiniest flaw and fault. I can be tiresome to hear at a point where one does gets truly annoyed and wants to punch my face. Thus, to save myself from having a black eye from fellow mates and family members, I shall result my nagging attribute by writing my soul out here in my blog. To those who are fed-up with my whiny persona, you can simply click the (x) button located at the far right of this page :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

hello december

hello world.i have been neglecting writing for awhile.had crazy fun vacationing and exploring other parts of the world.dnt fret, i am back and will kick this blog with a vengeance.

im a bit rusty, and my spoken and written English language has gone terribly loony.(which i am not proud of). i reckon baby Tawfiq will soon have a better grasp of English than i do with this lazy rate i'm going. he now says words like 'sour' and 'technology'. (mind you, he's only 3)

he has become such a mischievious little goof who enjoys performing magic shows and being on my nerves. i start off my morning by him knocking on my door whislt screaming at the top off his lungs 'RISsEeeee and ShIiIiINeee Kak chikkk'.(not cute when ur sleeping)

okay that is it for now.will try to update more about my goings soon.oh and dnt u just hate those teenage kampung 'wannabes'. they think they're so coo' with their skimpy outfits and rempit boyfies.makes me wanna pull a Calista Flockhart