Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I noticed that my blog has become quite passive and negative lately. This is because my blog is the only way i can express and pent out my emotional, depressed feelings. Even though today I’m actually quite bitter due to certain undisclosed matters, I shall update on my birthday which was last week to cheer myself up.

May I point out that this year’s date was super cool.ch-ch-check this out 20102010

Lets cut the chase move on to pictures shall we? ;p

that's me opening nana's present.thank u salon partner

my girlfriends dancing and coming up with their own rap.they crack me up :')

i was so shocked to hear the birthday song on the radio, hence the face :P

l-r:nadhirah,me and shidot

susu and me

*group hug in the middle of busy pyramid*

i cant believe we're 22!

nadhirah looks so cute!

my pretty girlfriends!

thank u everyone!family,best friends, friends, students, neighbours, random strangers etc for the songs, wishes,celebrations, presents, cards, smiles, hugs. if i could give all of you big wet sloppy kisses, i would.i seriously would. a billion gazillion thank you. Each and every one of you have made my bday more special!

muah muah muah! xxx

Saturday, October 2, 2010

exactly what i need now

I stumbled upon this video on youtube recently.I find it really inspiring.thank u kandee :') u've inspired me to turn my day around. au revoir tears!

a people pleaser.

I care so much about other people's feelings that i often forget to attend to mine. I would cuss and cry reflecting over the what-ifs and what when wrong. Where the truth is, I know I'm on the right path despite the heart says otherwise.

I don't wan't to be a people pleaser because I know I can't force everyone to like me.It's just that I can't sleep peacefully at night thinking I have made someone upset.Especially if that someone is someone I care about.
I know I've mentioned this before but I seriously need to let go off the past. It's not bringing me any good :'S