Saturday, May 29, 2010

in dire need of mr.discipline

All these while, It didn't really bother me that people find me rather lembik. However, when 3 year olds starts bullying me and starts dissing me, that is when it crosses the line. As much as I love my little Tawfiq@baby, he annoys me like crazy. He is at a stage where he imitates whatever you say.

Me: Tawfiq, don't be so naughty!
Tawfiq: You lah naughty
Me: Erhh.I'm gonna sell you to the paper man
Tawfiq: I'm gonna sell YOU to the paper man
Me: No, you...
Me: Stop copying whatever I say..
Tawfiq: YOU stop copying whatever I say

(this is a typical scenario at home/restaurants/shopping complex and this row will continue for the next 5 mins or so)

When he throws a tantrum at home, i can still take it BUT when he puts on fist in front of strangers and guests, my family and I would turn into flaming tomatoes. malu nyeee.

That one time, he went under the table during dinner time and started fiddling the guests' toes.OMG sumpah malu!

And another time, we were at KFC and he wanted to order something I can't remember and apparently that particular food he wanted was unavailable. He started screaming at the waitress and threatened to shoot the waitress. The whole KFC went dead silent, the type where you can even hear a pin dropped.awkward~

Recently when we were at secret recipe for my dad's bday, he started befriending strangers at the restaurant calling them 'Hi, orang paper' in his shrill voice.

When this happens, I can only apologize and smile awkwardly.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Doing number 2 isn't so coo'

These past few weeks, I've transformed into a munch monster.I munch everything I get my hands on be it keropok, biscuits and lollies. I noticed I've gained love handles, jiggly arms and extra film on fat underneath the buttocks. so unflattering-____-

One fine Thursday night in the midst of my munch madness, I happen to stuffed my face with nasi arab bought by my mother. The rice was good, the roasted chicken was roasted to perfection. However, the red gravy accompanied it was a bit off. I gobbled it down nonetheless. I even had two to three servings of the gravy despite its funny smell and odd taste.

The next morning, my tummy did some serious somersaults. The pain was excruciating(*cue water works) I had to put my hands on my tummy at all time for pressure, I couldn't stand straight and had to visit the loo every 10 minutes to do number 2. It hurts so bad that it was up to the point that every visit to the loo would end up with tears.

To topped it all off, I had pre-practicum that very morning. My parents advised me to skip pre-practicum because of my situation but I insisted on going as me being absent from one day of pre-prac would result to failure for my entire practicum.

Lets just say, I pulled through the day with a straight face carved, despite the piercing back-flips going on. Went straight home, did my business in the loo for the umpteenth time and slept like a baby.

Thanks to my food poisoning experience, I have become a selective, picky eater. There is a musibah or a lesson learnt from this agonizing experience after all.