Wednesday, November 26, 2008

when is the sale exactly?

i cant wait for the mega sale to hit nationwide so i can finally hit the stores.woohoo.i havent been too angelic lately and i feel terrible about it,terrible to what i have regain my self-worth,i shall shower myself with gifts.only to commit my shopping crime when the sale is on.i must must must buy wedges,glads,comfortable but nice looking jeans and that white quilted bag.i vowed to myself not to indulge in anymore bags but when i saw that particular piece from heaven,my jaw dropped.and when that happens,i know that i am meant to own it.heheehe.

tak sabar sangat.come on sale.bring it on.all i think of is youuuuuu!

double chocolate brownies

i woke up today in my baking i made double chocolate brownies:))

Double Chocolate Brownies


4 oz butter
4 oz cooking choc(cut into pieces)
10 1/2 oz golden caster sugar(it's best if you cut the amount)
pinch of salt
vanilla essence
2 eggs
5 oz flour
2 T cocoa powder
3 1/2 white choc chips

1.Preheat oven 180 c
2.Place butter and chocolate over saucepan till it melts
3.Stir in sugar, salt,vanilla essence
4.Add eggs one at a time
5.Sift the flour,cocoa powder and beat till smooth
6.Stir in chocolate and mix well
7.Bake for 35-50 mins and voila!

Didnt get the chance to take photos of it simply coz i dont own a camera.hehe. plus im too lazy to borrow azzam's camera.let ur imagination do the trick:P

tarra tarra now

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

someone important.

im not naming anyone here.but at times i feel unappreciated by tired of being pushed tired of being the tired of being second tired of being labeled 'aina the blonde' or 'aina the bimbo' .im tired of faking it and pretending that your jokes tickles my funny tired of not being taken seriously and my ideas being brushed tired of being snapped at.

if you really are a friend,u would accept me for who i am.dorky and all.i dont need to be someone im not in front of you.especially you of all ppl.i love you the way u are,so all im asking is for you to do the same.

truth being told,i love being me.

i dont want this to ruin our friendship.not after all these years,after all we've gone through together.

so please start treating me better coz im beginning to feel as though our friendship is wearing off.

and believe me,that is the last thing i want to happen.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

calling all


are you tired of being screamed and nagged at by your mother about the number of clothes you have in your closet?do you still own clothes that you can no longer fit into?do you want to make new friends and gain extra pocket money at the same time?does your closet look like this?

fret not, ladies.i am the answer to your worries(background music:the heaven 'aaa' sound)contact me for more information.

air kisses,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

we kiss,we make out

i've been a tad emotional these to keep my mind off things.i googled katy perry of hot and cold and realized that i adore her fashion sense.just like nash has her rory, mary has her aggie,i believe mine is katy perry.(well,at least for now)this lady has spunk, she's quirky, bold and not afraid to take chances.she does not take life so seriously and goes with the flow.and for that,i respect her.she may not be the prettiest nor the loudest of the bunch,but she definitely brings that extra 'oooomppph' to the table.ladies and gents, here's my chosen one,katy perry!

baby love

baby tawfiq,grow up fast.skip 18 years and marry me.u will never hurt me like most guys would.u would take good care of me and never make me shed a single tear,u are the apple of my eye:)

aina,stop!stop being such a bimbo.stop being so desperate.stop being a loser.stop being a crybaby.stop whining.just stop.take a deep breath and get a good night sleep.hopefully once u wake up,it'll all be over.

Friday, November 14, 2008

oooh yeaa..

my laziness is kicking in today.body,mind and soul doesnt feel like studying.and as much as i want to succeed and get dean's list, this attribute of mine isnt helping y'all.

notice that i sound veryy poyo lately.examples yo,y'all and dang.

fo shiz, yo!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

counting the mins to freedom

oh i just cant wait for this nightmare to be over,for the heat to cool down, for me to unwind and let my hair down.i think deserve this,a break i these are the things i would want to do after 5.30pm on Saturday the 14th.

1.Watch movies
2.Go jeans, shoes and belt
3.Hang out with the 8.i miss them a lot.
4.Go on a vacation.
5.Visit tok taiping
6.Make blueberry muffin
7.Cut hair
8.Watch 90210 the series
9.Buy nad's,farah's,paan's, and ainun's bday pressies
10.Dine at nice places
11.Read a good book.
12.Watch Gossip grl season 2
13.Have a good uninterrupted sleep
14.Clean bathroom
15.Paint room

yea baby,we're almost there.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mc dreamy is just soo dreamy*dreamy sigh*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

my high school sweetheart

he mks me grin from ear to ear,makes my heart beat a little faster.

Oh man,i shouldn't have 'hung out' with you before my finals i cant concentrate,all i think of is YOU. tho i know this feeling will slowly fade away once ur there,i'd prefer not to think about it and cherish wht we have today.i love you.i always'll always be my high school sweetheart.

tho we're not together as a couple,im glad we're friends:)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


im petrified about nihongo and yet i cant seem to make myself open the green must be coz i know eventho i try my best to memorize all the terms and words,i know my carry marks for this particular subject is beyond grievous.i blame myself for this part.i should have taken a language that interest me.french maybe.oooh la la.

it's intimidating to see your classmates succeed, interested in the language, has basic knowledge about the, i didnt knw anthing at dnt even watch anime.and i used to belittle those who watch anime.(shahrir, to be exact.i used to call him an anime geek)i rmbrd entering nihongo class for the very frst time.pana sat beside me,she guided me throughout the whole lesson.and from that veryy frst nihongo class,i was glued to her.she was my Saviour to my dreaded thursday morning.

then there's nabil and fahmi.they've definitely made my japanese lesson they would come to my hse and tutor me till midnight it's just awesome.they would call and checked whether i've studied my nihongo,voluntarily pick me up from my hse and go to nihongo class together so we would practice our japanese in the car.they're Awesome, with a capital A:)

nashrah, eventhough we're in the same nihongo class we each have different partners and seating arrangements.but u made me feel as though i wasnt too ,dreaded our nihongo. and that made me feel better.thank youu mashed potato

soo thanks guyss for everyting and gambatte kudasai.u guys are keepers:))

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

its been a while since my last sorry bloggie, i havent been loyal to u.blame the numerous tests and assignments.once the exams are over,i'll dedicate whole-heartedly to u,my written thoughts<3.