Tuesday, November 25, 2008

someone important.

im not naming anyone here.but at times i feel unappreciated by u.im tired of being pushed around.im tired of being the sidekick.im tired of being second choice.im tired of being labeled 'aina the blonde' or 'aina the bimbo' .im tired of faking it and pretending that your jokes tickles my funny bone.im tired of not being taken seriously and my ideas being brushed aside.im tired of being snapped at.

if you really are a friend,u would accept me for who i am.dorky and all.i dont need to be someone im not in front of you.especially you of all ppl.i love you the way u are,so all im asking is for you to do the same.

truth being told,i love being me.

i dont want this to ruin our friendship.not after all these years,after all we've gone through together.

so please start treating me better coz im beginning to feel as though our friendship is wearing off.

and believe me,that is the last thing i want to happen.


great8plus1 said...

i love u 4 who u are........i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great8plus1 said...

alia- baby, im so sorry.
i know once in a while or like sometimes more often than not in some occasion we do make fun of u.
n some of ur ideas.. but everyone pon kene.. i pon slalu kene "jgn harap alia pgg stuff n know stuff; she's hopeless". so be strong n we promise we'll treat u better.
we love u so much tau. n we love our frenship.