Friday, May 29, 2009

of boredom and voices.

I wish I could sing like my sayang, her name is Farah( she thinks she’s Ning Baizura.hahahahahhaah) anywayyy, since it is my blog I shall not compliment her that much since it is after all, MY BLOG. so I shall talk about ME, ME and MOREEEEE ME! hehehehehehe.(narcissist much?) oh if only I had her voice and I would be able to swoon all the men with my singing voice instead of spaz-ing with them. If I had her voice, I would work part time singing and playing my guitar at a cool café like lepaq café. People would cheer on me and my friends would come and support me and I would dedicate my songs to people. Oh that would be cool.

Oh and check this out, my aunt has composed her own song and has put it on you tube. She wants me to tell my friends about it. just type in U changed MA world for the better.(I have no clue how to do the link thingie)

Oh also, she is searching for a singer to that new song. And that person might be YOU!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

last night.

we came home late last night after sending my mum to the airport.when we came home i quickly went straight to my pc to check my e-mails.suddenly outta nowhere,my maid came out of her room in her nightie, sobbing.she said someone stroke her arms and hair when she was sleeping and she could see a figure at the corner of her room.she said she didn't utter a sound coz she was too scared to do she kept quiet for quite some time.she swore that a man was in her room.i got scared,and went straight to my sister's room.instead of consoling my maid,my sister accused her of sleeping too much.

we called my dad who was upstairs on his cellie and told him what had happened to siti,my then siti couldn't even talk.she was crying heavily and words that were coming from her mouth were no longer words,they were mumbles.i told her to sleep with me that night since i, too got scared of her story.

i figured she would bring a tilam or something and sleep on the floor but i thought wrong.she went straight to my bed.i said to myself"takpelah,she had gone through a terrible night.just leave it lah" throughout the night, i could hear her still sobbing but i was too tired to get up to console her.oh and we were so close i think we even shared a pillow at one time.and i think i kicked her several times cause i'm not used to sharing a bed with people.

okey.that's about the most interesting thing that's happening to me right now.

Monday, May 18, 2009


i've got a new hobby. a hobby which was developed during this holiday.drum roll please...i am now going gaga over fashion blogs.i especially adore reading this guy's blog.he goes around Milan,new york and paris and take snapshots of people on the streets.mostly people who have a passion for is wildly inspiring.

they are normal people,from all ages and backgrounds, just like you and me but what differs them from us,or should i say myself is how neatly put together their pieces this dude in his 60s who wore a printed small triangle jacket with shocking red handkerchief. so bizarre yet classy. and only a certain people can pull it off.le sigh.if i were to wear the exact outfit, i would definitely look like walking canvas in the streets of shah alam and be sent to fashion police.

will update more on this newly found interest.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the waiter at kedai kopi 2 sangat comel!hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi

Saturday, May 16, 2009

love advices from moi!

Some of the people around me are suffering from deep depression from the opposite sex, men. At times, I really do feel like they are from mars. They just don’t seem to get us. Now someone close to me is going down that same path. And it just reeks knowing how much she’s suffering. She has seen me crumble soo many times before and now the tables are turned.

I’m no love guru heck im nowhere close to that title. But here’s what I’ve learned in the process to mend the heart. There are six stages to the road to recovery. (I read it somewhere) they are:-

1st stage - denial.

2nd stage-anger

3rd stage-negotiation

4th stage-depression

5th stage-solitude

6th stage-back to life.

im not gonna elaborate on the stages as i shall keep you figure them out yourselves.keep in mind, that what you are going through is cheer up yea!

(I’m currently at the solitude stage and frankly speaking, I’ve never been happier.:))

To all the broken hearted ladies out there, go and watch the movie ‘He’s not that into you’. The movie is an eye opener and don’t forget to bring tissues whilst watching the movie. It’ll move you to tears. Im talking about hard core crying.

Oh and keep this quote in mind “why make someone a priority in your life if you are just a choice to him” My mama taught me that.

Friday, May 15, 2009

the ancient tag game

syeikh and nash both tagged me a looong time goes....

The rules are simple.
~Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people...

i am:

very bored

i really want to go:

shopping paradise, Hong Kong


the loo.i need to do number one asap.hehe

my favourite place is:

my home:)

my favourite drink:

coffee bean's ice blended vanilla.

my favourite food:

anything soupy!

my favourite color:

purple makes me purrr~

my favourite show:


my hobbies:

sleeping and dreaming

my wishes:

lifelong happiness.wooot woot

i would like to tag:
those who have not done this

Sunday, May 10, 2009


this past few days has been off the hook yo.first the pikuniku,then saf's visit to shah alam and yday the girls planned alia's secret bday gateway to malacca.yes, u heard it right.we went to flippin MALACCA!it was super duper friggin dippin awesome(excuze moi,im out of adjectives)

my semester break mission:catch up with the latest goss with my schoolmates, watch all the movies i've missed during the semester, colour hair, shop till i literally drop, clean drawers and closet, paint the window panes off white,buy shidot's pressie, learn how to cook main dishes.

happy hols everyone!drive safe,holler if u come to sa yea!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

the first day of holiday

I love my grandma to bits but sometimes she drives me to wits end. like just now, I was happy having my afternoon nap, when she came barging in my room and started cleaning it. She brought in her candle stick, mugs and cocktail shaker with her and started throwing all my bags on the floor which were on the shelves and subsequently replaced all my bags with her stuff. Have I no say to what I want and don’t want in my room anymore? Aiyaiya.

I love how it looked previously despite it being topsy-turvy and all; at least it reflected my personality. Now it looks like a living room.oh blimey