Saturday, May 16, 2009

love advices from moi!

Some of the people around me are suffering from deep depression from the opposite sex, men. At times, I really do feel like they are from mars. They just don’t seem to get us. Now someone close to me is going down that same path. And it just reeks knowing how much she’s suffering. She has seen me crumble soo many times before and now the tables are turned.

I’m no love guru heck im nowhere close to that title. But here’s what I’ve learned in the process to mend the heart. There are six stages to the road to recovery. (I read it somewhere) they are:-

1st stage - denial.

2nd stage-anger

3rd stage-negotiation

4th stage-depression

5th stage-solitude

6th stage-back to life.

im not gonna elaborate on the stages as i shall keep you figure them out yourselves.keep in mind, that what you are going through is cheer up yea!

(I’m currently at the solitude stage and frankly speaking, I’ve never been happier.:))

To all the broken hearted ladies out there, go and watch the movie ‘He’s not that into you’. The movie is an eye opener and don’t forget to bring tissues whilst watching the movie. It’ll move you to tears. Im talking about hard core crying.

Oh and keep this quote in mind “why make someone a priority in your life if you are just a choice to him” My mama taught me that.


Azie Nazri said...

But to some, there's sometimes the 7th stage which is 'remembering'.
hehe I created that myself.

I love your mom's quote! So true!

Moja Amin™ said...


I've watched that movie, and yes you can discover some facts abt guys there.

We hardly admit anything. Even Love.
sometimes lah.

So uncool eh?


nashrah khan said...

ur mum is so right! :))

aina said...

azie-oh yea.that phase.i dont like that's sad.

aina said...

mojaja-very uncool.the show is an eye opener kann.

guys can be such times.

hope YOU,mr.presindent is not like them!

aina said...

nash-i know!but sometimes it's sad to know that one is just an option:'(