Saturday, March 31, 2007

Journal 2 : Boys just want to have fun


The article by Barbara Ehrenreich is telling the readers about her experience and what goes on in the working world out there. She used to follow boys back in her days in college to where inebriants flowed but that was a different era. Boys then used to have fun and at the same time do well in their studies. Today however is a different story as they are less likely to go to college and less likely to graduate as well. She says that if she follows her original plan and strategy she would probably end up in rehab. Those days, back in the 60’s men used to value numeracy, literacy and high grades but now all these are not important as in today’s world its all about personality and attitude. For example, a high-achiever woman in Atlanta was fired without any explanation after a few weeks at her job because she couldn’t fit in with her male colleagues. Poor her, she had probably wasted her college days in the library. Is this what we want to happen in our working world? To see more working women fired because they lack knowledge in sports? It’s just not fair.


In my opinion, to survive in a competitive dog eating dog world out there, one has to have both qualities; academic excellence and personality-wise. Boys should realize that life isn’t all about fun, parties and being drunk. They should open their eyes and smell the coffee and realized that the only way to survive is to start realizing that the world isn’t going to wait for them, either they start opening their books or waste their time being drunk. Do u want our leaders to be drunk, slacker boys who constantly play poker and doing shots or would u prefer those thick-glasses girls who would sit in the front row and spent their lunchtime with their heads buried in their books? I’m afraid the answers to both characteristics are No! A good leader is one who has these three elements in them. They are IQ, business acumen and emotional intelligence. This is the main reason why scholarships are given to those few, rare lucky people who acquire such characteristics. With guidance, patience, knowledge and of course those three criteria mentioned above, it is no doubt that one can go further in life and be successful in whichever path they venture. Take for example Tony Fernandez, CEO of Air Asia. He is a graduate of King’s College University in the UK and is a respected leader among his employees. He is a down to earth, knowledgeable, smart man. One that can work easily with others, have the gift of motivating his employees and has the ability to understand and make decisions quickly, well and concise. Ladies and gentleman, this is what we call a born leader.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Nepalese Porters May Be World's Most Efficient Haulers.

What is the article about?
The article is about what scientists say on how the porters do it: They use less energy than other people would require for the same work.

Are there biases in this article? If yes, is the bias against or for someone or something?
Yes, bias for.

Explain the bias and provide examples

It is bias towards napalese porters as they feel as though napalese porters are the most effective haulers.

His latest study, which appears tomorrow in the journal Science, now suggests that the porters of Nepal are even more efficient at their tasks.

It's amazing how universal carrying loads on the head is—except in Western Europe and North America,"

She added that the feat is particularly impressive because "they're [generally] not very well equipped [and] have very bad shoes.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Living with amnesia

Figurative language.
simile, allusion or metaphor??

He pulls Deborah to him, then whirls her around, sending her strawberry-blond curls flying.
metaphor as Deborah's curls are being compared to strawberries that are pretty and attractive.

Any new information given to him melts as fast as snowflakes on the skin, leaving no trace.
simile as it uses 'as' and also that information given to Clive is quick to forget thus it is being compared to snowlakes on the skin which means that informtion transmitted is quickly forgotten as snowflakes are melted quickly if it is placed on the skin.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Figurative language.

Coaching Brian

1) Gusts of wind whipped across the high school football field that chill spring afternoon.
Answer- metaphor because it is compared to the gutsy wind.

2) The stocky man in his late 50s with sandy gray hair tied at the nape of his neck didn't look like a coach any more than Brian looked like a natural runner.
Answer- simile because Brian is being compared to a natural runner.

3) When the gun went off in the 800 meters, Brian tore out like it was a sprint.
Answer- simile and it is being compared to a sprint, a race.

Figurative language

The Case of the Frozen Pond

1) The children were attracted to its natural properties, like the ice they skated on.
Answer- simile, being compared to the ice they skated on.

2) It was responsible only for artificial conditions, like a large unguarded piece of machinery that young children wouldn't realize might harm them.
Answer-simile, being compared to a large ungarded piece of machinery.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

fact or opinion??

Opinion or fact?hmmmmnn...

  • While Zainal might have been a tad harsh in his criticism of the young stars .
Answer-opinion because it has the word 'might'

  • The IKON Media Group, which is co-organising the contest with the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM), would have thought nothing of their "well-conceived"concept.

Answer-opinion because of 'would have thought'

  • Just check out the list of reality talent shows we’ve had since 2001: Girl, Are You Ready, Audition, Popstars, Who Will Win?, Akademi Fantasia, Mentor, Malaysian Idol, Project SuperStar, One In a Million, Rock Unite, and yes, even good old Bintang RTM. Heck, they could even throw in (radio station) THR’s Juara Popular winners.

Answer-fact because these reality shows were really aired

  • Mawi, who was at the media event, was said to have felt particularly slighted by his senior’s remark that insinuated he would win hands down because of his popularity

Answer-opinion because the word 'would'

  • The real artistes of the day see reality shows like Akademi Fantasia as monster makers. Some of the reality artistes can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t anything... yet they’re out there representing the industry

Answer- opinion because some may feel as though the contestants of reality TV are talented. Different people, different views.

  • But he was also the worst thing that happened to the industry

Answer- opinion because to some he may be the best thing that happened to the industry. Also the word 'worst' in the sentence justifies that this is an opinion.

Fatal pasengger vehicle crash

1) inferens

the highest number of crash injury range from30-59 years old. They have the highest number with 21973 injuries and the highest mile compared to the others.


this is because those ranging from 30-59 years old are mostly family-oriented people. Thus they tend to drive a lot especially during holiday season. This proves with the high number of mile they drove based on the table. Hence, fatal crashes may due to the long hours of driving.

vehicle occupant death

2) Inferens

The highest vehicle occupant death, both male and female range from 0-15 . The vehicle occupant death for both sexes however have the least number of death at the age of 85 and above.

2) Conclusion.

The death rate for both sexes at the age of 0-15 has the highest number because they are not qualified to drive yet. Thus, they dont have a driver's license and would normally drive dangerously in an unsafe manner. Those who are 85 years old and above however have the least number of passenger vehicle death as most of them are not elligible to drive or ride a vehicle due to health reasons.

Alcohol involvement

3) Inferens

Both male and female passengers declined in alcohol involvement as the year goes by.

3) Conclusion

The injury of passengers decrease because they are aware of the dangers whilst drink and driving. Thus they would not ride cars of drunken people.

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Thursday, March 8, 2007


shuddup aina

i shud be doin my reading hwork by now but im damn lazy.gler lazy ok.the kind where i-dn-wanna-do-anyting-but-sleep-lazy.get wat i mean? anyways, this is the only place where i can laugh, groan, moan, cry, spill, blabber and show my true colours.why u say? coz my lovely lovely frens are just plain annoyed and tired of hearing me nag.yes i do nag.nenek kebayan style. nywas they're just too nice and polite to say it it to my face but i can just tell by the look of their faces.their omigod she's doing it again faces.yes im talking bout those forceful nods and pursed lips.oh oh my tummy its doing somersaults now.its a sign i shuld rest.okies.tata.i'll blubber some more l8r