Saturday, March 31, 2007

Journal 2 : Boys just want to have fun


The article by Barbara Ehrenreich is telling the readers about her experience and what goes on in the working world out there. She used to follow boys back in her days in college to where inebriants flowed but that was a different era. Boys then used to have fun and at the same time do well in their studies. Today however is a different story as they are less likely to go to college and less likely to graduate as well. She says that if she follows her original plan and strategy she would probably end up in rehab. Those days, back in the 60’s men used to value numeracy, literacy and high grades but now all these are not important as in today’s world its all about personality and attitude. For example, a high-achiever woman in Atlanta was fired without any explanation after a few weeks at her job because she couldn’t fit in with her male colleagues. Poor her, she had probably wasted her college days in the library. Is this what we want to happen in our working world? To see more working women fired because they lack knowledge in sports? It’s just not fair.


In my opinion, to survive in a competitive dog eating dog world out there, one has to have both qualities; academic excellence and personality-wise. Boys should realize that life isn’t all about fun, parties and being drunk. They should open their eyes and smell the coffee and realized that the only way to survive is to start realizing that the world isn’t going to wait for them, either they start opening their books or waste their time being drunk. Do u want our leaders to be drunk, slacker boys who constantly play poker and doing shots or would u prefer those thick-glasses girls who would sit in the front row and spent their lunchtime with their heads buried in their books? I’m afraid the answers to both characteristics are No! A good leader is one who has these three elements in them. They are IQ, business acumen and emotional intelligence. This is the main reason why scholarships are given to those few, rare lucky people who acquire such characteristics. With guidance, patience, knowledge and of course those three criteria mentioned above, it is no doubt that one can go further in life and be successful in whichever path they venture. Take for example Tony Fernandez, CEO of Air Asia. He is a graduate of King’s College University in the UK and is a respected leader among his employees. He is a down to earth, knowledgeable, smart man. One that can work easily with others, have the gift of motivating his employees and has the ability to understand and make decisions quickly, well and concise. Ladies and gentleman, this is what we call a born leader.


TSL012: College Reading 2 said...

Very good reflection, agree with you on all points. It is unfortunatley true that some men/boys today prefer not to work hard but want all the pleasures and luxuries.

By the way, where is this article from?