Wednesday, February 25, 2009

u've been missed

sorry bloggie for being too busy for u.being without u has been terrible,i've got no one to bitch to coz u know,i tend to word-vomit at times.i am now having the most annoying sore's a tickling sensation at the back of my mouth and it is uber annoying.(i havent used uber in such a long time)i feel like giving it a hard pang.oh and my computer has gone senile.i cant even switch it on,my whole family blames it on me coz i'm the only one who uses it and coz i tend to switch it on with my toe but hey,my toe needs it's regular wriggle too!and none of my family members wants to lend me their lappie/ about being if i have assignments that needs to be done, i have to go to my mum's office, the lab or cc.toodle dee doo.i wanna do research for my lit journals.

p.s-i havent read korang's blogs in such a long time.keep me updated yea.

Friday, February 13, 2009

of love and appeciation.

as i arrived home from fac this morning, i was being ushered to the car by k.shana. she said we were having lunch at this posh Spanish restaurant at jalan telawi.i had no time to change,so i wore my small purple baju kurung, the one i wore to class this morning for lunch.i looked D-R-E-A-D-F-U-L.

anyway on the way to our destination, we chatted in the car,i just love hearing stories about tok baba and tok bubu back when they were younger. tok baba has always been a rebel, even during those days.he used to be soo naughty with the girls now makciks,always trying to make tok bubu jealous,he made pranks on cops and had the time of his life being the mischievous him. tok bubu on the other hand has always reminded me of the Queen in the princess diaries.she had an aura of a lady.back when i was younger,i really thought she was of royalty blood.growing up,she was the one who taught me how to be a to sit,eat and present yourself graciously.though i don't act all lady-like with my mates, i somehow will change persona whenever i'm around my grandma.

in a way,i feel lucky being pampered by my parents are a tad dad has always been a bit stringent when it comes to giving me the green note.even if i crave for something cheap like hot dog, the money will be withdrawn from my pocket money.mama's a bit lenient,thank god!back to tok ba and tok bu, they have always been there for me.sometimes i feel i could just hang out with my grandparents and still be me. this is rare as i just dont fit in with the grandparents are always pampering me with lavish meals,clothing and such. when my parents and i butt heads because of certain issues, they are the ones to the rescue. when i was a kid, i had attempted to run away from home so i would be raised by my grandparents.haha.

p.s-i actually wanted to write about my lunch and the shops i went to but was misled somehow.toodle deee doo.have a fun romantic Saturday,guys!ooh and i have no idea what wrong with my English these days.its disastrous.HELPPP MEE!

Friday, February 6, 2009


i wasted 4 hrs for nothing.NOTHING!im soo pissed at the lousy admin and their non-existence memo. i wasted a perfectly good morning.stupid nyeeee