Wednesday, January 6, 2010

stop being a worry-er,and embrace the warrior in you..

Classes has started.frankly speaking,i'm not happy.not because i don't enjoy my lessons and definitely not because i dont enjoy the catching up sessions with friends but because i have trouble sleeping. you see, during the holidays i would sleep at every possible occasion i can. i would have my afternoon nap time, evening nap time followed by me settling early at good friends all know how much i love my sleep.

So here's the thing, when classes began,my brain had trouble adjusting to the new time table.i would worry over silly matters, sapping away my energy and thus leading my anxiety soaring.i couldn't shut my eyes leaving me teary-eyed and exhausted.i would force myself to sleep.going from one ritual to another just so i could travel to dreamland.up to a point where i had to take cough medicine and asking for sleeping pills from mk things even worse, i would often call my friends in the middle of the night just to tell them about my sleeping dillemma.i'm petrified as this is just the first week of the semester.wait till im bombarded with assignments and tests.aiyayai