Sunday, September 27, 2009


ive been really emotional l8ly.asyik2 nak tear up over such silly matters.aiyoyo.pastue mrh2 sambil nangis nak org,im such a big baby.

lpstue tido.aftr waking up im ok already.pastue rs really guilty tp malu nak ckp sorry coz i dont want to seem weak.*hak dush self*

I'm sorry

man burok btul my perangai!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

im mr.brightside

My blog is half-dead.

will try my best to check u everyday.update u once in a awhile with my the latest happenings.maybe i'll even update your look.hmmn.maybe.anywhoo, raya is just around the corner, but we've been bombarded with shitloads of assignments. nevertheless, raya still comes first.i cant wait to fire-up those mercuns, play pop2 and be awed by bunga api. those twirling fire nvr fail to impress me.except for when i was in form 2, got severe asthma attack coz i got too excited with it and was sent to the clinic...

though i might be a bit blue this eid, seeing how i'm not going back to taiping and all my relatives are in aussie, the raya spirit is still very much alive in me. this time around, we'll be kicking this festive season with my mum's friends. and prolly celebrating it with my sa and uitm friends as well.