Sunday, September 27, 2009


ive been really emotional l8ly.asyik2 nak tear up over such silly matters.aiyoyo.pastue mrh2 sambil nangis nak org,im such a big baby.

lpstue tido.aftr waking up im ok already.pastue rs really guilty tp malu nak ckp sorry coz i dont want to seem weak.*hak dush self*

I'm sorry

man burok btul my perangai!


missyonne said...


takpe. comel :)

Aziz said...

Aina, you should have been my subject for my thought paper. Example of Manglish. haha.

aina said...

hahha.malu la teddy

hahaha.aziz!this is spoken words transformed into words la.haha.dnt use me as a sample or write me as anonymous.hehehe

gNoLa miDen said...

gambatte aina! berusaha! yuk~