Sunday, April 22, 2007

Journal 3


Malaysia is being compared to rojak. A dish where all kinds of fruits, from different flavors, textures and tastes mixed together and forming into one. Although they are together, they still retain their flavor and characteristics. Rojak is being compared to the multi-color races of Malaysia. Yet, as a Malaysian I feel that we haven’t reached that peak, where we unite, where our different languages, races and religions are not obstacles. Most of us still stick to those of the same race and color. I guess the saying is true about ‘birds of the same feather flock together.’ Thus we tend to stick to those who share or imposed the same values and similarities like we do and because of this we are segregated into different groups.

To eradicate such racial sentiment, this article in NST talks about the discussion during the Young Malaysian Roundtable where they voiced out their deepest concerns and solutions to overcome this issue. Some of them agreed that vernacular schools should be abolished; others felt that the various ethnic groups in parts of the country were not given enough prominence whilst the rest blamed it on politics. Some of them said they had to work abroad as they feel they do not have much opportunity here in Malaysia because of the perception among the Non-Bumiputeras despite their academic excellence and achievements.

The purpose of this reflection is to persuade people to stop sticking to those of the same norms@ skin color and start working as one, as a nation. Meanwhile the tone in the article used is encouraging as the author listed down ways for us to unite. I personally believe Malaysians really do want to unite, to integrate with one another but the problem is that we do not know how and where to start. Therefore we are scared to make the first move, scared of what the other races might think of us and how they would react. A reminder to those Malaysians out there, be brave, there’s no harm in making the first move. Besides, it’s their loss for not wanting to be friends with a brave and fun person such as yourself!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007



In-Class Assigment - Reflection-Blogging
Please write an entry reflecting on your perception/opinion on blogging/blogs.Here are some questions as a guide. You are free to add any other comments and free to say anything and as long as you want.
Before participating in this class had you ever used a blog?
How have you used that particular blog?
How do you feel about using a blog for that purpose(s)?
How do you feel about using blog in the reading class?
Would you recommend other teachers to use weblog in any classes/subjects?
Would you recommend other teachers using a blog for responding to class readings? Why/Why not?
Would you recommend English teachers/lecturers to use a blog? Give reasons.
Do you think using the blog to discuss the class readings helped you understand the reading better? Why/Why not?
How do you think the class blog, your friends' blogs , and your blog have helped (or could help)you to read critically?
Which feature(s) of the blogs you find is the most helpful?
What part of the blog or blogging activities you find interesting/advantageous?
What part of the blog or blogging activities you find troublesome/disadvantageous?
Compare the blog environment to regular classroom lessons.What feedback have you received or comments have you heard (from your classmates) about using weblog in the reading class?Describe any other notable thoughts or experiences during the blogging activities.Would you continue using a blog for any other purposes after this?


I currently have a blog in myspace as it is one my ways of expressing myself. I would write everyting, from my thoughts to the list of things i want to buy but never had an academic blog, like the one Im having now. I find it very interesting as we are no longer using the normal written ink-paper method. it is suitable with today's world where techology plays a major part and yes, I recommend all teachers to use this method as students find this entertaining. Why? they are all sorts of reasons. First, the options in terms of exercises are wider.Second, it is so much fun decorating blogs where they are different backgrounds available. Third, the inks are not in black and white anymore and thus we get to play with colours and you know how that would make our article more interesting and eye-catching.

On a more serious basis, students tend to understand better discussing using blog as some students tend to be shy and therefore not able to ask teachers or lecturer questions face to face. This is when students are able to be anonymous and ask any sort of questions-even silly ones. oooh,and by the way,by having blogs, we can check them everytime we switch on the computers hence would motivate us to do our homework.uh huh, and you know how hard it is for us to complete an assingment.

Fourth, those who are gossipmongers(like me) can check their friends blogs and read what their friends had wrote. Not only would you gain knowldge accademically but you also would be in top shape in terms of the latest, juiciest gossips.

on the low side, i just hate editing my blogs.if only that can edit it for me just like in microsoft word.*sigh*life would be so much easier.if only....

In-Class Assigment - Reflection - Critical Reading Skills

In-Class Assigment - Reflection - Critical Reading Skills

For this assignment please write a reflection on what you have learned so far in the reading class. You may based your reflection on the following questions :

1. What is your understanding of the following skills covered in the course:
Main idea, pattern of organization, fact or opinion, bias, tone, purpose.
2. Which skill is the most difficult to you? Which is the easiest?
3. Which skill do you think is the most useful in reading or in helping you to read?
4. Which skill do you think you will probably apply?
5. How do you tackle the problem of a difficult skill? Give example.
6. What do you understand about critical reading?
7. How important do you think is critical reading in your future university studies?
8. In reading the articles for your journal which of the skills do you normally apply or have applied?


I personally find main idea the hardest as I got really low marks on my first test. At first, i didnt really understand how to form one as I didnt know it had to be a complete sentence. But after yesterday's class, when you explained that it had to have a subject, verb and object. Everyting seemed more clear and that was when i realized it was similar like what we had in grammar class. For pattern of organization and purpose based question, i tend to get really confused as I find them challenging and hard to tackle. Nonetheless im very keen at identifying fact/ opinion questions and identifying what the tone of the author. I guess I can imagine how the author felt when writing that certain piece of writing. In my opinion, the most useful skill i have learned and is able to apply when reading is the main idea skill. I have tried applying it in one of the articles and it worked and i would most probably apply it in the future!

I usually tackle the problem of a difficult skill by reading the notes given in class and going to the sites provided in tutorial and exercises questions in the tesl012 blog.For example the main ideas and inferring evercises.

Eventhough i dont really understand the purpose of critical reading, i feel that it is essential for my future usage especially during my degree years.In fact, i tend to skim and scan articles before reading them thoroughly.Therefore, I find this subject beneficial and I am able to apply it my daily basis.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tone and Purpose

When the Family Reunion Is Via Remote

Purpose - To inform.
i.e - Tens of thousands of other South Koreans are still on a waiting list for both video and face-to-face exchanges

Tone - sad, solemn, sombre.
i.e - It will take at least ten years for everyone to see their relatives at this rate.
i.e - Our father died only ten days ago.

Cheating: "But Everybody's Doing It"

Purpose - to persuade.
i.e - It's a message that could play in classrooms across the country.

Tone - angry, mad.
i.e - Many of our students have the attitude of 'I'll do whatever I have to do to get ahead.' It's endem
i.e - Josephson, Anderson and others grappling with the issue say two forces are behind the erosion in ethics.
i.e - A bigger factor, though, is the way bad behavior across society -- ballplayers popping steroids, business executives cooking corporate books, journalists fabricating quotes, even teachers faking test scores to make schools look good -- signals that nothing is out of bounds when success is at stake.