Wednesday, April 11, 2007



In-Class Assigment - Reflection-Blogging
Please write an entry reflecting on your perception/opinion on blogging/blogs.Here are some questions as a guide. You are free to add any other comments and free to say anything and as long as you want.
Before participating in this class had you ever used a blog?
How have you used that particular blog?
How do you feel about using a blog for that purpose(s)?
How do you feel about using blog in the reading class?
Would you recommend other teachers to use weblog in any classes/subjects?
Would you recommend other teachers using a blog for responding to class readings? Why/Why not?
Would you recommend English teachers/lecturers to use a blog? Give reasons.
Do you think using the blog to discuss the class readings helped you understand the reading better? Why/Why not?
How do you think the class blog, your friends' blogs , and your blog have helped (or could help)you to read critically?
Which feature(s) of the blogs you find is the most helpful?
What part of the blog or blogging activities you find interesting/advantageous?
What part of the blog or blogging activities you find troublesome/disadvantageous?
Compare the blog environment to regular classroom lessons.What feedback have you received or comments have you heard (from your classmates) about using weblog in the reading class?Describe any other notable thoughts or experiences during the blogging activities.Would you continue using a blog for any other purposes after this?


I currently have a blog in myspace as it is one my ways of expressing myself. I would write everyting, from my thoughts to the list of things i want to buy but never had an academic blog, like the one Im having now. I find it very interesting as we are no longer using the normal written ink-paper method. it is suitable with today's world where techology plays a major part and yes, I recommend all teachers to use this method as students find this entertaining. Why? they are all sorts of reasons. First, the options in terms of exercises are wider.Second, it is so much fun decorating blogs where they are different backgrounds available. Third, the inks are not in black and white anymore and thus we get to play with colours and you know how that would make our article more interesting and eye-catching.

On a more serious basis, students tend to understand better discussing using blog as some students tend to be shy and therefore not able to ask teachers or lecturer questions face to face. This is when students are able to be anonymous and ask any sort of questions-even silly ones. oooh,and by the way,by having blogs, we can check them everytime we switch on the computers hence would motivate us to do our homework.uh huh, and you know how hard it is for us to complete an assingment.

Fourth, those who are gossipmongers(like me) can check their friends blogs and read what their friends had wrote. Not only would you gain knowldge accademically but you also would be in top shape in terms of the latest, juiciest gossips.

on the low side, i just hate editing my blogs.if only that can edit it for me just like in microsoft word.*sigh*life would be so much easier.if only....