Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In-Class Assigment - Reflection - Critical Reading Skills

In-Class Assigment - Reflection - Critical Reading Skills

For this assignment please write a reflection on what you have learned so far in the reading class. You may based your reflection on the following questions :

1. What is your understanding of the following skills covered in the course:
Main idea, pattern of organization, fact or opinion, bias, tone, purpose.
2. Which skill is the most difficult to you? Which is the easiest?
3. Which skill do you think is the most useful in reading or in helping you to read?
4. Which skill do you think you will probably apply?
5. How do you tackle the problem of a difficult skill? Give example.
6. What do you understand about critical reading?
7. How important do you think is critical reading in your future university studies?
8. In reading the articles for your journal which of the skills do you normally apply or have applied?


I personally find main idea the hardest as I got really low marks on my first test. At first, i didnt really understand how to form one as I didnt know it had to be a complete sentence. But after yesterday's class, when you explained that it had to have a subject, verb and object. Everyting seemed more clear and that was when i realized it was similar like what we had in grammar class. For pattern of organization and purpose based question, i tend to get really confused as I find them challenging and hard to tackle. Nonetheless im very keen at identifying fact/ opinion questions and identifying what the tone of the author. I guess I can imagine how the author felt when writing that certain piece of writing. In my opinion, the most useful skill i have learned and is able to apply when reading is the main idea skill. I have tried applying it in one of the articles and it worked and i would most probably apply it in the future!

I usually tackle the problem of a difficult skill by reading the notes given in class and going to the sites provided in tutorial and exercises questions in the tesl012 blog.For example the main ideas and inferring evercises.

Eventhough i dont really understand the purpose of critical reading, i feel that it is essential for my future usage especially during my degree years.In fact, i tend to skim and scan articles before reading them thoroughly.Therefore, I find this subject beneficial and I am able to apply it my daily basis.