Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday break list.

Since my students’ examinations are over, the intensive tuition has reduced from twice a day, 4 times a week to once a week. That being said, I find myself being jaded and planning out what to do daily. So I look forward to gym sessions with Nash and Mary 3 times a week. Hanging out with my homies (the eight) everyday is simply out of the question for now since they are busy with work, examinations and other commitments.

So to occupy my time this holiday, I’ve decided to list the list the things to do when I’m bored and alone:-

1. Go to the library and borrow more novels. I’m currently re-reading my sister’s ‘Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella.’ It’s not as amusing reading it again as I know every event, every character by heart. Thus, the sense of mystery is no longer there. That goes to all the books at my house. Hence, I have to go to the library.

2.Start searching for journals for my academic exercise. This should be my numero uno priority but reading journals are boring (No offense to those who enjoy reading journals) I can’t help but to procrastinate and push it aside for now.

3.Start whipping out desserts. I successfully baked lemon meringue pie last week. The recipe is surprisingly pretty simple, not that much of a hassle except for the waiting and the beating.The verdict: a light dessert as it is cut in small pieces (best eaten for tea time) , the pie was not too sweet. (Which I am fond of) However, it was a bit egg-y (but then again, it’s a meringue what do you expect) Next week, I’ll try to make pumpkin custard. I hope it’ll turn out like the one they have at Famous Thai.

4.Catch up on Glee, Cougar Town and Britian’s Next Top Model.

5.Learn how to cook main dishes. I often bake desserts as I have a sweet tooth however, when it comes to real food, I fall flat on my face. I suck. BIG TIME. I guess I’m scared that my dishes would be inedible hence, everything would go to waste.