Thursday, July 30, 2009

one sloppy joe please.

i feel the happiest when i'm at home, donned in my pajamas, hair pulled back in a bun,being a slop in front of the tv and running around the hse screaming at the top off my lungs "i'm the king of the world" with the baby.

dont get me wrong, i'm happy with my mates too.but when i'm all quiet and i start playing with my drink like it's the best game ever or laugh in fake manner,that is when i am least's not like i dont like u, it's just that i'm not in the mood and ur jokes dont seem to tickle my funny bone.on days like this, i prefer to stay at home. so if ur saying being a loner is being a loser,i would gladly take the beats being fake, that's for sure.

so please forgive me if this post has offended you in any way. i just need a breather.please gime some time and space and i'll be a-okay in no's not u,it's me.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

i care about our earth.what about u?

on rainy days like is best if i whipped a dessert or two and make others happy.the dusty air has really dampen my mood, the body still aches from last saturday's event(tho it was super duper fun!).and the tongue has certainly lashed out several to turn the frown the other way around, the best way is to stuffed the tummy with sweets.and seeing how many apples i took from g2ku,i think i shall bake apple muffins today!

actually, i wanted to write about the haze.seeing how moody i am these days, i rambled on and on about apples and desserts. see im doing it's word vomit.anywayyy,i really cant stand the weather. the dusty air is making my eyes watery, the nose itchy, the manes limp, the tight chest, the sore throat.i feel like putting on a mask eventho i'm in the parameters of my home. i dont feel safe.yes, its that bad. i wish ppl would take a step back and stop hurting our mother times like this, i just feel like reading a .samad said's the dead crown out and aloud.lines after lines of that poem keeps going on and on in my head.

Friday, July 17, 2009

im no feminist

hello written thoughts,

there's an issue that's been lingering at the back of my mind lately and that is loyalty. why cant guys be loyal and like/flirt/have a serious relationship with one girl at one time?i dont understand.why cant u just stick to one and cherish that one special one instead of playing the field.u think ur so cool to be breaking hearts?disgusting.

wait till the karma police attacks.

u people seriously need a bitch slap.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ready to rumble

today is the third day of class and the head is already in a mess. i will:-

1)try my best to come early to class.

2)not skip any classes eventhough i am sleepy and tired.

3)do my assignments early.thus i shall not do stuff at the very end.

4)read notes beforehand so i would get a clear understanding of what is being taught

5)ask questions when i am unclear about certain issues.dont be a lazy bum.

6)read novels/literature texts early. then find more information on the net.

7)wear covered outfits to class. it is not fun to be called upon because of what one is wearing

8)help mother earth by riding public transportaion more often. eventhough it can be quite unreliable. stop relying on papa and mama to send u to class as it includes free nagging that can ruin one's mood.

9)save money. dont spulrge too much on food/clothing. eat lavishly when the tummy desires. buy stuff when you truly need it.not because u think u need it.

10)try to get a hold of the exam papers early.

inspired and ready to embark in this new journey,
the new aina:)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

a trip to the east.'s been such a long time since i last posted something here.and with that, soo many things had happened. both good and bad. for starters, i went on a sarawak vacay with the grandparents. it was interesting to take a peek into other people's lives and to learn the cultures and traditions of the people of sarawak. they are warm, friendly humble people and never a shadow of doubt that i was not one of them. they treated me like they've known me their whole lives. so yea, numbers and e-mails were exchanged at the end of the trip:)

on the downscale, i was experiencing a major meltdown. i would cry every 5 minutes for no apparent reason. such behaviour/ emotions is no alien to me when that time of the month comes. i can be such an infant.

here are a couple of pics for the eyes to feast upon:-

she didnt know i was behind her.hahahha.

yes,i sumpit.i am superwoman.


i totally looked the part yo.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ya Allah aina.stop it already.

enough is enough.