Sunday, July 26, 2009

i care about our earth.what about u?

on rainy days like is best if i whipped a dessert or two and make others happy.the dusty air has really dampen my mood, the body still aches from last saturday's event(tho it was super duper fun!).and the tongue has certainly lashed out several to turn the frown the other way around, the best way is to stuffed the tummy with sweets.and seeing how many apples i took from g2ku,i think i shall bake apple muffins today!

actually, i wanted to write about the haze.seeing how moody i am these days, i rambled on and on about apples and desserts. see im doing it's word vomit.anywayyy,i really cant stand the weather. the dusty air is making my eyes watery, the nose itchy, the manes limp, the tight chest, the sore throat.i feel like putting on a mask eventho i'm in the parameters of my home. i dont feel safe.yes, its that bad. i wish ppl would take a step back and stop hurting our mother times like this, i just feel like reading a .samad said's the dead crown out and aloud.lines after lines of that poem keeps going on and on in my head.


Azie Nazri said...

Ainaaa, tulaaaa! I pun sangat rimas ngan jerebu kat Shah Alam. People should really care more about the consequences of not caring enough.

Maybe we should come up with a program for this in the future kan? To make people care more. Hmmm.

missyonne said...

hey darl!

do take care sayang!

Aziz said...

I suppose I'll ask Mr. Mahadi a special request for you to recite "The Dead Crow" in our Creative Writing Class, aina! Then everybody would have the awareness to save mother earth! =)

aina said...

azie-kann.i sngat2 tak tahan.yang paling i tak suke is the kind of ppl yang lps litter senyum2 and gelak2 like they're having fun doing it.pffft.annoying.

i think that would be a superb program.

aina said...

teds-hey sayang.thanks

u take care too!

muah muah.

aina said...

i dont want to recite the poem in front of the class.i read that poem last sem for can kat orang lain. pulakwhat about u?care to share?hehehhehehe