Thursday, July 30, 2009

one sloppy joe please.

i feel the happiest when i'm at home, donned in my pajamas, hair pulled back in a bun,being a slop in front of the tv and running around the hse screaming at the top off my lungs "i'm the king of the world" with the baby.

dont get me wrong, i'm happy with my mates too.but when i'm all quiet and i start playing with my drink like it's the best game ever or laugh in fake manner,that is when i am least's not like i dont like u, it's just that i'm not in the mood and ur jokes dont seem to tickle my funny bone.on days like this, i prefer to stay at home. so if ur saying being a loner is being a loser,i would gladly take the beats being fake, that's for sure.

so please forgive me if this post has offended you in any way. i just need a breather.please gime some time and space and i'll be a-okay in no's not u,it's me.