Tuesday, April 8, 2008

hey ho's

woah.its been awhile since i last opened my blog.1 year maybe?
so many things have happened since reading class(pre-degree).lemme give u a quick review:-

1)i cut my hair short, a hairstyle inspired by victoria beckham but it has grown since
2)the baby can now talk,walk,run,make faces,imitate people,dance around,slap people,scream at people and count to ten.whaddya expect, he's only 1 year +
3)i broke up with u know who at the end of pre sem2 but anywhoo we're still great frens.i prefer it to be like this anyway:)
4)k.shana is having as affair( she would nvr knw i wrote this.hahaha padan muke)
5)safiyya has been in 3 relationships since pre.(gatal seyh:P)
6)i'm now into baking.i can mk kek batik.whoohoo!but, that's not really baking isnt it?!
7)k.indra is out!yess!say hello to SITIIIII!(me screaming her name)
8)i now have a facebook account because of my cuzzies