Friday, July 17, 2009

im no feminist

hello written thoughts,

there's an issue that's been lingering at the back of my mind lately and that is loyalty. why cant guys be loyal and like/flirt/have a serious relationship with one girl at one time?i dont understand.why cant u just stick to one and cherish that one special one instead of playing the field.u think ur so cool to be breaking hearts?disgusting.

wait till the karma police attacks.

u people seriously need a bitch slap.


missyonne said...

heart breaker deserves no room. :))

safwan said...

i have a theory on which may explain why we tend to flirt with lots of girls.

I think it's coz when we (the guys) flirt and the girl just layan je, it makes them believe that girls like to be flirted. (is there such a word?)

shared joy is double joy, so to make other girls happy, we flirt with others. hehehe.......

what do you think?

aina said...
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aina said...

mr.safwan-im sorry but i have to disagree with u there.i may be old fashioned but i still stick to the theory of one man for one woman.

klu dah ada gf tue,why nak flirt with othr girls?i dont understand:/

aina said...

ms teddy-hell yeah!they think they're all that and the thought of it irks me.klu hensem lain la cite:p