Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ready to rumble

today is the third day of class and the head is already in a mess. i will:-

1)try my best to come early to class.

2)not skip any classes eventhough i am sleepy and tired.

3)do my assignments early.thus i shall not do stuff at the very end.

4)read notes beforehand so i would get a clear understanding of what is being taught

5)ask questions when i am unclear about certain issues.dont be a lazy bum.

6)read novels/literature texts early. then find more information on the net.

7)wear covered outfits to class. it is not fun to be called upon because of what one is wearing

8)help mother earth by riding public transportaion more often. eventhough it can be quite unreliable. stop relying on papa and mama to send u to class as it includes free nagging that can ruin one's mood.

9)save money. dont spulrge too much on food/clothing. eat lavishly when the tummy desires. buy stuff when you truly need it.not because u think u need it.

10)try to get a hold of the exam papers early.

inspired and ready to embark in this new journey,
the new aina:)


S.H.A.Z.A. said...

wah! clap!! clap!! m0tivating t0 read!

Azie Nazri said...

good luck aina!

ps: totally with you for no. 9! :p

great8plus1 said...

shaza-oh.tq2.i feel motivated to study now.chewah.tade lah.nie cam reminder je jikalau the laziness in me kicks in.

great8plus1 said...

azie-good luck to u too!

we shall control our shopping + eating habits from now on.we can do thissss!