Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tone and Purpose

When the Family Reunion Is Via Remote

Purpose - To inform.
i.e - Tens of thousands of other South Koreans are still on a waiting list for both video and face-to-face exchanges

Tone - sad, solemn, sombre.
i.e - It will take at least ten years for everyone to see their relatives at this rate.
i.e - Our father died only ten days ago.

Cheating: "But Everybody's Doing It"

Purpose - to persuade.
i.e - It's a message that could play in classrooms across the country.

Tone - angry, mad.
i.e - Many of our students have the attitude of 'I'll do whatever I have to do to get ahead.' It's endem
i.e - Josephson, Anderson and others grappling with the issue say two forces are behind the erosion in ethics.
i.e - A bigger factor, though, is the way bad behavior across society -- ballplayers popping steroids, business executives cooking corporate books, journalists fabricating quotes, even teachers faking test scores to make schools look good -- signals that nothing is out of bounds when success is at stake.