Sunday, April 22, 2007

Journal 3


Malaysia is being compared to rojak. A dish where all kinds of fruits, from different flavors, textures and tastes mixed together and forming into one. Although they are together, they still retain their flavor and characteristics. Rojak is being compared to the multi-color races of Malaysia. Yet, as a Malaysian I feel that we haven’t reached that peak, where we unite, where our different languages, races and religions are not obstacles. Most of us still stick to those of the same race and color. I guess the saying is true about ‘birds of the same feather flock together.’ Thus we tend to stick to those who share or imposed the same values and similarities like we do and because of this we are segregated into different groups.

To eradicate such racial sentiment, this article in NST talks about the discussion during the Young Malaysian Roundtable where they voiced out their deepest concerns and solutions to overcome this issue. Some of them agreed that vernacular schools should be abolished; others felt that the various ethnic groups in parts of the country were not given enough prominence whilst the rest blamed it on politics. Some of them said they had to work abroad as they feel they do not have much opportunity here in Malaysia because of the perception among the Non-Bumiputeras despite their academic excellence and achievements.

The purpose of this reflection is to persuade people to stop sticking to those of the same norms@ skin color and start working as one, as a nation. Meanwhile the tone in the article used is encouraging as the author listed down ways for us to unite. I personally believe Malaysians really do want to unite, to integrate with one another but the problem is that we do not know how and where to start. Therefore we are scared to make the first move, scared of what the other races might think of us and how they would react. A reminder to those Malaysians out there, be brave, there’s no harm in making the first move. Besides, it’s their loss for not wanting to be friends with a brave and fun person such as yourself!


TSL012: College Reading 2 said...

Excellent insights and suggestions. I agree with you that most of us want to integrate but we may be afraid that the other party might not respond positively.