Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Figurative language.

Coaching Brian

1) Gusts of wind whipped across the high school football field that chill spring afternoon.
Answer- metaphor because it is compared to the gutsy wind.

2) The stocky man in his late 50s with sandy gray hair tied at the nape of his neck didn't look like a coach any more than Brian looked like a natural runner.
Answer- simile because Brian is being compared to a natural runner.

3) When the gun went off in the 800 meters, Brian tore out like it was a sprint.
Answer- simile and it is being compared to a sprint, a race.


TSL012: College Reading 2 said...

In a simile or metaphor, two objects are being compared, where qualities of one of the objects are said to be the same as the other. e.g. The lady in the swimming pool looks like a hippopotamus. The qualities which are said to be similar in this example is the lady is as fat as a hippopotamus when she's in the swimming. In sentences 1 and 2 are literal sentences containing no figurative language. Refer to the examples in the reading blog.