Thursday, March 8, 2007


shuddup aina

i shud be doin my reading hwork by now but im damn lazy.gler lazy ok.the kind where i-dn-wanna-do-anyting-but-sleep-lazy.get wat i mean? anyways, this is the only place where i can laugh, groan, moan, cry, spill, blabber and show my true colours.why u say? coz my lovely lovely frens are just plain annoyed and tired of hearing me nag.yes i do nag.nenek kebayan style. nywas they're just too nice and polite to say it it to my face but i can just tell by the look of their faces.their omigod she's doing it again faces.yes im talking bout those forceful nods and pursed lips.oh oh my tummy its doing somersaults now.its a sign i shuld rest.okies.tata.i'll blubber some more l8r