Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fatal pasengger vehicle crash

1) inferens

the highest number of crash injury range from30-59 years old. They have the highest number with 21973 injuries and the highest mile compared to the others.


this is because those ranging from 30-59 years old are mostly family-oriented people. Thus they tend to drive a lot especially during holiday season. This proves with the high number of mile they drove based on the table. Hence, fatal crashes may due to the long hours of driving.

vehicle occupant death

2) Inferens

The highest vehicle occupant death, both male and female range from 0-15 . The vehicle occupant death for both sexes however have the least number of death at the age of 85 and above.

2) Conclusion.

The death rate for both sexes at the age of 0-15 has the highest number because they are not qualified to drive yet. Thus, they dont have a driver's license and would normally drive dangerously in an unsafe manner. Those who are 85 years old and above however have the least number of passenger vehicle death as most of them are not elligible to drive or ride a vehicle due to health reasons.

Alcohol involvement

3) Inferens

Both male and female passengers declined in alcohol involvement as the year goes by.

3) Conclusion

The injury of passengers decrease because they are aware of the dangers whilst drink and driving. Thus they would not ride cars of drunken people.

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