Wednesday, March 14, 2007

fact or opinion??

Opinion or fact?hmmmmnn...

  • While Zainal might have been a tad harsh in his criticism of the young stars .
Answer-opinion because it has the word 'might'

  • The IKON Media Group, which is co-organising the contest with the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM), would have thought nothing of their "well-conceived"concept.

Answer-opinion because of 'would have thought'

  • Just check out the list of reality talent shows we’ve had since 2001: Girl, Are You Ready, Audition, Popstars, Who Will Win?, Akademi Fantasia, Mentor, Malaysian Idol, Project SuperStar, One In a Million, Rock Unite, and yes, even good old Bintang RTM. Heck, they could even throw in (radio station) THR’s Juara Popular winners.

Answer-fact because these reality shows were really aired

  • Mawi, who was at the media event, was said to have felt particularly slighted by his senior’s remark that insinuated he would win hands down because of his popularity

Answer-opinion because the word 'would'

  • The real artistes of the day see reality shows like Akademi Fantasia as monster makers. Some of the reality artistes can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t anything... yet they’re out there representing the industry

Answer- opinion because some may feel as though the contestants of reality TV are talented. Different people, different views.

  • But he was also the worst thing that happened to the industry

Answer- opinion because to some he may be the best thing that happened to the industry. Also the word 'worst' in the sentence justifies that this is an opinion.