Wednesday, May 27, 2009

last night.

we came home late last night after sending my mum to the airport.when we came home i quickly went straight to my pc to check my e-mails.suddenly outta nowhere,my maid came out of her room in her nightie, sobbing.she said someone stroke her arms and hair when she was sleeping and she could see a figure at the corner of her room.she said she didn't utter a sound coz she was too scared to do she kept quiet for quite some time.she swore that a man was in her room.i got scared,and went straight to my sister's room.instead of consoling my maid,my sister accused her of sleeping too much.

we called my dad who was upstairs on his cellie and told him what had happened to siti,my then siti couldn't even talk.she was crying heavily and words that were coming from her mouth were no longer words,they were mumbles.i told her to sleep with me that night since i, too got scared of her story.

i figured she would bring a tilam or something and sleep on the floor but i thought wrong.she went straight to my bed.i said to myself"takpelah,she had gone through a terrible night.just leave it lah" throughout the night, i could hear her still sobbing but i was too tired to get up to console her.oh and we were so close i think we even shared a pillow at one time.and i think i kicked her several times cause i'm not used to sharing a bed with people.

okey.that's about the most interesting thing that's happening to me right now.


nashrah khan said...

whaattt?? kesian kak siti! so skrg camne? waaa scarynye!

Azie Nazri said...

wooo, that sounds really scary.
then have u guys found the culprit yet?
or was it like a ghost or something?

aina said...

nash-i know.dahlah i nie cam lemah smgat skit.kene pulak bende cam nie kat my hse.aduihhh.

aina said...

azie-oh ada correction.she said it wasn't a man.she said it's an orang tua.nenek.ada long hair.usap-usap manja her body.

as im writing u this,im having goosebumps.

i told her mayb die mimpi or mayb its bcoz die slalu siram pokok waktu maghrib.

nafasdunia said...


hati2 tau babe!


i plak seram.

aina said...

teddy-thanks babe.i asyik nak kenc everytime i talk/write about it.

p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...

isk3..sebbaik nenek tua..
hanye mampu mengusap2 manje her body..
kalo laki, abeslah siti kene *beepbeep* mlm tu..
lagipon pintu kunci kan..
mane boley manusia nk masok

mayb sbb die suke maen2 kat lua time mgrb..bende tu suke kat die..

or mayb die mimpi..

tataula kan..

Farzen Master said...

sounds like an episode of the X-Files. creepy Grey-men come gallivanting into a women's bedroom, the cheeky bastards.

p/s: kesian siti kena tendang dgn u. mesti dia menyesal tido dgn u. XD

aina said...

pana chan-tulah.i told her the same kan i am more scared with these immortal creatures than i am with humans.klu with humans,u can reason and such tp nie tak.she said the nenek belai her mcm a baby.eeee.ngeri.

i nak tido ngn my pepper spray from now on!

aina said...

shakey syeikh(hey,ada nama br 4 u:p)-hahhahaha.i wish these things were to happen only on tv.haihhh.

ksian my future husband nnt,every nite kn karate ngn i.hehehehe.

owh siti said she couldnt sleep lst nite.i hope it wasnt bcoz of my kicking:p

p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...

haha..pepper spray..

shakey sheikh, (nk pgl name baru ko gak!) xfiles da lapok la..
bg la supernatural ke..
at least ad sean dean yg hotttt
dtg rescue aina!!
(siti tak..hoho)

Azie Nazri said...

OMG! org tua?? thats even worse!
baca doa banyak2 bila nak tido nanti aina. insyaAllah u'll be ok :)

aina said...

pana-hahhaha.dean? ooh la laaa~

aina said...

azie-thanks darl.i will baca 3 kul before i go to bed from now on:)

safwan said...

what's worse than an unknown man in the house doing sexual harassment?

- a lesbian old nenek kebayan in the house doing sexual harassment.

(not being insensitive, but nak lighten up the mood. jangan marah!)

aina said...

safwan-hahhahahahhaha.nah its ok.the thought of a lesbian old nenek kebayan in the house doing sexual harassment is disturbing tho.

funny but disturbing.hhahaha.

Farzen Master said...


shakey sheikh?!!! hahaha...guess i remind u of pizzas huh...

yup..pity ur future husband. hope he knows how to deflect kicks & punches.

p/s: u don't need pepper spray if u hv a black belt in Sleeping Wushu. i'm sure siti agrees. XD


aii syok nmpk pggl nama br aku.hehe

aku tau x-files kuno dah tp supernatural mana ada aliens.

p/s: aliens are perverts!!!

aina said...

syeikh-hahahhaha.not pizza la but the moves u made during the pikuniku dare.hahhahha.