Friday, May 29, 2009

of boredom and voices.

I wish I could sing like my sayang, her name is Farah( she thinks she’s Ning Baizura.hahahahahhaah) anywayyy, since it is my blog I shall not compliment her that much since it is after all, MY BLOG. so I shall talk about ME, ME and MOREEEEE ME! hehehehehehe.(narcissist much?) oh if only I had her voice and I would be able to swoon all the men with my singing voice instead of spaz-ing with them. If I had her voice, I would work part time singing and playing my guitar at a cool café like lepaq café. People would cheer on me and my friends would come and support me and I would dedicate my songs to people. Oh that would be cool.

Oh and check this out, my aunt has composed her own song and has put it on you tube. She wants me to tell my friends about it. just type in U changed MA world for the better.(I have no clue how to do the link thingie)

Oh also, she is searching for a singer to that new song. And that person might be YOU!


nafasdunia said...


tedy nk gk camtu.

tp in poetry recital + gk singing skit. heeee

aina said...

teddy kan dah pandai buat own poems kannnn what:)