Wednesday, June 3, 2009

perfect lunch menu.

i want a roasted red pepper and mozzarella panini with double chocolate waffles with berries please?

accompanied with warm chocolate cake,flushed down with vanilla ice blended from coffee bean please please please?

then i shall work my arse off on the treadmill and chewed on celery sticks for the rest of the week.

it's a promise.


p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...


u sure u kejar treadmill tu nant?
takot u yg lelah sbb da boroi..

safwan said...

sume benda tu except choc chake tu i bole buat kot.

but only in my dreams la..


aina said...

pana-yup2.totemo oishii desu!(i hentam je nie:p)

uish.tue la psl.takpe lelah+boroi pon takpelah.i rela.makanan best.heh heh

aina said...

safwan-hahhaa.oh for a moment there my heart stopped beating.pastue baca second line.dayuuumnnn.

Anonymous said...

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