Sunday, May 10, 2009


this past few days has been off the hook yo.first the pikuniku,then saf's visit to shah alam and yday the girls planned alia's secret bday gateway to malacca.yes, u heard it right.we went to flippin MALACCA!it was super duper friggin dippin awesome(excuze moi,im out of adjectives)

my semester break mission:catch up with the latest goss with my schoolmates, watch all the movies i've missed during the semester, colour hair, shop till i literally drop, clean drawers and closet, paint the window panes off white,buy shidot's pressie, learn how to cook main dishes.

happy hols everyone!drive safe,holler if u come to sa yea!


Solitary Ace said...


glad you have a blast~

aina said...

heee.thank u:)

hope ur hols would be good too!