Wednesday, November 26, 2008

double chocolate brownies

i woke up today in my baking i made double chocolate brownies:))

Double Chocolate Brownies


4 oz butter
4 oz cooking choc(cut into pieces)
10 1/2 oz golden caster sugar(it's best if you cut the amount)
pinch of salt
vanilla essence
2 eggs
5 oz flour
2 T cocoa powder
3 1/2 white choc chips

1.Preheat oven 180 c
2.Place butter and chocolate over saucepan till it melts
3.Stir in sugar, salt,vanilla essence
4.Add eggs one at a time
5.Sift the flour,cocoa powder and beat till smooth
6.Stir in chocolate and mix well
7.Bake for 35-50 mins and voila!

Didnt get the chance to take photos of it simply coz i dont own a camera.hehe. plus im too lazy to borrow azzam's camera.let ur imagination do the trick:P

tarra tarra now


Farzen Master said...

~imagining~.....looks delicious and chocolaty...that's it...i'm gonna force my sister to make some(i cant bake)8D

nashrah said...

sheikh, ive tasted it and it is DELISH! go make it cpt2, go! haha

aina said...

try baking's relaxingg~
and nash,awwwwwwww.i'll bake some more for u okie

w a n i e z a w a n i said...

yummy nyee :D
will try it later :)
the price 4 the kit is rm39.90
wani beli kat popular ampang point
it's worth :D

aina said...

i pon nak beli la:p
u buat the decorations mcm kat wondermilk punye je.grr.nak3x!