Wednesday, November 26, 2008

when is the sale exactly?

i cant wait for the mega sale to hit nationwide so i can finally hit the stores.woohoo.i havent been too angelic lately and i feel terrible about it,terrible to what i have regain my self-worth,i shall shower myself with gifts.only to commit my shopping crime when the sale is on.i must must must buy wedges,glads,comfortable but nice looking jeans and that white quilted bag.i vowed to myself not to indulge in anymore bags but when i saw that particular piece from heaven,my jaw dropped.and when that happens,i know that i am meant to own it.heheehe.

tak sabar sangat.come on sale.bring it on.all i think of is youuuuuu!


nashrah said...

ainaaaaaa! i know, its so cantik kan? rm40 je plak tuuu! i want it too tp xde duit. so dgn rela hati ill pass it to u to buy haha. oh u email dier for her account number and u gv her urs with ur name, address, hp number. u have to go bank in ur money to her account.

Azie said...

a white quilted bag for 40ring only??

my mom so has to lock me in my room. :p

the sale starts tomorrow aina!

happy shopping!!!!!!!

aina said...

but the bag i want dah sold out.grr.i was having dreams about it,u know*sigh*

thanks darling.happy shopping to u tooo!nnt cite what u bought okie?im all ears