Monday, December 1, 2008

the past couple of days

im sorry bloggie.i've been too busy for u.too busy that i no longer have the freedom to switch on the net,watch tv,sleep properly,even too busy for the baby and friends.this is because i am now a master painter.okay maybe not a master painter but latter part is definitely true.

so during my 13hrs a day painting stint,i have
1.poked my eye with the brush.a couple of times.
2.touched the ceiling
3.had a nervous breakdown.cried and marah2 ppl for no apparent reason
4.fell from the tangga
5.discovered that painting is quite relaxing if there's music.
6.know the meaning of cheap labour
7.appreciate 3rd room(one of the rooms in my hse)moreeee
8.get to know my maid better(i now know she is a dedicated yet kuat berangan person)
9.get to know my dad better(i now know that he is a responsible worker but tends to give his 2 cents at the most inappropriate times, when everyone is tensed and tired and that annoys me)

im sick,tired,my body hurts,head is spinning uncontrollably,i feel like giving up and and having a good laugh with my mates.but i cant.i gotta finish what i've started.i dnt wanna be like azzam,who's being a bum watching tv whilst everyone's working their asses,i am better than that.


Azie said...

are you having a house makover?
and u guys are painting by urself?
wahhh sangat menarik!

my mom wouldve never let me.
enjoy the experience!

aina said...

yupp2:)!it's a surprise for my mum is in nz,so we wanna surprise her once she's back home

oh u have such a nice mum,one who doesnt want u to suffer and have back ache and migraine.aaaa.lucky u.

p.s->it's not all that bad.once ur body starts feeling normal again,it can actually be quite fun.

great8plus1 said...

good for u!
couldnt be more proud;D

aina said...

mesti alia nie.thanks proud of my falia to!