Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i've got a sore throat.

my cousin,Nameerah,a pious 14 year old grl changed my perspective on how i view things recently.she studies in a madrasah in Johannesburg and is now on holiday.she's sleeping over at my place for a couple of days to catch up on old times.thus we had grly time watching movies and gossiped till the wee of the morning and one of the stuff we talked about was arranged marriage.

being a fond believer in the four letter word, i was always against of the thought of my parents choosing my future spouse for me.whenever me and my friends would talked about this, i would always lashed out and go against the whole idea of this.the thought of it made me go hijejibes.

so when Nameerah told stories about some of her friends back at school tying the knot using this method,i was all ears. surprisingly, she told me they last longer than love marriages.and that made me go thinking that the idea of knowing someone after getting married is just beautiful.

going out with someone now might be fun.you would always have that someone to turn to,to cry on bla bla bla.but just think about the things you do with that person,the sins you have committed and will commit.and when you finally settle in,you'd know head to tail about that person,thus where's the fun in that right?or what if u dont settle in with that person.you would always carry that extra guilt baggage.

im not saying i oppose the idea of love marriages.and im not saying i dont want boyfriend(s):p.im saying take a minute to ponder on what i have always go against.the idea of getting hitched with someone u barely know isn't soo bad, u know.

so i made a promise to myself.by the time i reach 27 years old and ready to settle in.but still haven't found the 'one'.i would let my parents do the honors and be cupid.

there ive said it.fiuh.


S.H.A.Z.A. said...

ahaks. i have never g0 against the idea 0f arranged marriage. fr0m my past experience 0f being in a relati0nship,n0w I d0n't trust my heart 100% anym0re.L0ve make me blind. Make me 0blivi0us t0 the 0bvi0us things. S0, I d0n't mind if my parents want t0 play cupid. F0r they kn0w better than I am. :)

nashrah said...

aina, i so agree with u. i feel like making my parents choose for me. mls la nk pk. oh btw i bought the book 'aku terima nikahnya' hahhahahaha

aina said...

tulah.i pon rasa cam u guys.i seem to attract the worst men.grrr.

nash,u beli buku tue?!hahhahahhahahhahahha.nnt nak pinjam okie?

Azie Nazri said...

hahahaha nashrah pun dah baca buku tu?
sangat bes la aina.

its sweet in a special kind of way.

and im currently reading ayat ayat cinta which is also about post marriage love.

tersangat la sweeeeeet!!!!

im soooo agreeing with u and ur cousin nameerah.
love after marriage is the only true love.

may u find ur Mr Perfect soon!(soon as in marry first)

aina said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA.azie,ur last sentence is hilarious.hahhahahhahahha!

oh i dh tgk ayat2 cinta.being the corny me,i cried:p.hehe
coz it's soo hard to find a guy like that here in shah alam.like seriously.he is like the epitome of my perfect guy.

oooh and my couz nameerah told me,kat south africa rmi muslim guys are like him!ahhhhhh*dreamy sigh*