Sunday, November 23, 2008

calling all


are you tired of being screamed and nagged at by your mother about the number of clothes you have in your closet?do you still own clothes that you can no longer fit into?do you want to make new friends and gain extra pocket money at the same time?does your closet look like this?

fret not, ladies.i am the answer to your worries(background music:the heaven 'aaa' sound)contact me for more information.

air kisses,


safwan said...

is this ur closet...??

cool........ almost like mine....

nafasdunia said...

super duper cool hunn!

Azie said...


are you making a clean-closet sale?
or are you collecting it for a charity project?

im wondering how im gonna drag my stuff all the way from penang.

aina said...

safwan:this is not my closet but mine sorta looks like this too except that instead of clothes lying on the floor,i stuffed them all in the closet with the help of my chair against the closet door:p

teddy:thanks teddykins!

azie:it's a clothing booth.if u want a booth it's rm50.blh share2 jaga booth and clothes with yer frens.knowing u,mesti byk baju.i can just imagine.hehehehe.