Sunday, November 16, 2008

we kiss,we make out

i've been a tad emotional these to keep my mind off things.i googled katy perry of hot and cold and realized that i adore her fashion sense.just like nash has her rory, mary has her aggie,i believe mine is katy perry.(well,at least for now)this lady has spunk, she's quirky, bold and not afraid to take chances.she does not take life so seriously and goes with the flow.and for that,i respect her.she may not be the prettiest nor the loudest of the bunch,but she definitely brings that extra 'oooomppph' to the table.ladies and gents, here's my chosen one,katy perry!


nafasdunia said...

banana! she's comel..... mcm u jgk! heee. love her in costume! hahaa

Shopping Cabin said...

Hi! shoppingcabin dah update!..byk koleksi baru...jom tengok! je kt sini..