Thursday, November 6, 2008


im petrified about nihongo and yet i cant seem to make myself open the green must be coz i know eventho i try my best to memorize all the terms and words,i know my carry marks for this particular subject is beyond grievous.i blame myself for this part.i should have taken a language that interest me.french maybe.oooh la la.

it's intimidating to see your classmates succeed, interested in the language, has basic knowledge about the, i didnt knw anthing at dnt even watch anime.and i used to belittle those who watch anime.(shahrir, to be exact.i used to call him an anime geek)i rmbrd entering nihongo class for the very frst time.pana sat beside me,she guided me throughout the whole lesson.and from that veryy frst nihongo class,i was glued to her.she was my Saviour to my dreaded thursday morning.

then there's nabil and fahmi.they've definitely made my japanese lesson they would come to my hse and tutor me till midnight it's just awesome.they would call and checked whether i've studied my nihongo,voluntarily pick me up from my hse and go to nihongo class together so we would practice our japanese in the car.they're Awesome, with a capital A:)

nashrah, eventhough we're in the same nihongo class we each have different partners and seating arrangements.but u made me feel as though i wasnt too ,dreaded our nihongo. and that made me feel better.thank youu mashed potato

soo thanks guyss for everyting and gambatte kudasai.u guys are keepers:))


Azie said...

aina, i dreaded thursdays too!
n im supposed to LOVE korea!

but then when i think about it, theres no 3rd language thats totally easy. u just have to work extra hard to be good at it.

and having supportive friends do help alot.

basha(goodluck) aina!!

aina said...

tulahh psl.i cant wait for this semm to be overr.cuti sem nie,i'll force myself tgk anime as an early preparation 4 next sem.oooh yess

basha to u tooo!

helanistic.herneo said...

nasha's a mashed potato?

p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...

ainaちゃん は ほんと やさし の ともだち ですから。。ainaちゃん は だいすき!!

nexsem we'll be partners gain ney~
compliment wa..ありがと ございました!!

letting us to go to ur hous study togeda mo, ありがと ございました!!

aina said...

yayyy!no prob pana chan!