Thursday, November 13, 2008

counting the mins to freedom

oh i just cant wait for this nightmare to be over,for the heat to cool down, for me to unwind and let my hair down.i think deserve this,a break i these are the things i would want to do after 5.30pm on Saturday the 14th.

1.Watch movies
2.Go jeans, shoes and belt
3.Hang out with the 8.i miss them a lot.
4.Go on a vacation.
5.Visit tok taiping
6.Make blueberry muffin
7.Cut hair
8.Watch 90210 the series
9.Buy nad's,farah's,paan's, and ainun's bday pressies
10.Dine at nice places
11.Read a good book.
12.Watch Gossip grl season 2
13.Have a good uninterrupted sleep
14.Clean bathroom
15.Paint room

yea baby,we're almost there.


nashrah said...

aina, check out they're selling belts!