Tuesday, January 20, 2009

screw him.

im boiling with anger.that jerk cancelled on me,again.big surprise there.i hate him sooo much.he's the sole reason why i cant seem to like other men.coz i dont wanna go through that all over again. i hate him soo much.i hate me for ever liking him.i hate me for looking looking forward to tonight.i shouldve known better.i hate him.he treats me like shit and i keep falling for him.

screw him.


Solitary Ace said...


know just how you feel.. hahaha..

sabar la aina..
cant seem to say anything else.. but I feel you..


nafasdunia said...

aina. u'll get him away one day.

aina said...

thanks darlings.seeing comments like these can really make my day.thank u:))

no guy is worth our tears.that is my motto from now on.

girls rule!*sorry guys,i just have to include that;)

S.H.A.Z.A. said...