Saturday, January 17, 2009


this is my 100th post.woot woot.yday i checked i had 97 posts posted.this morning, an additional 2 unknown posts were written in this blog.this proves that written thoughts<3 is not fully sound in the head.err,i mean mother board.

this blog has gone through a lot with me,from my pre days till this my tribute to my very own written thoughts.if u were alive, i swear i'd marry u by now:))

happy 100th!


moja! said...

Happy 100th!

But. Too sad, my unparalleled theories is a Man. We have this brother-brother bonding, you know. Hahaha!

Maybe I should change its gender, eh?

safwan said...

jangan moja! haram!


aina said...

hahahhahhahha..mojo jojo , u and ur unparalleled theories definitely have a thang goinn on;)

ooh and safwan,thanks for the kain tersangkut to ur car tadi.hehe.

nafasdunia said...

hapy 100th babe! ;p

Azie Nazri said...

oh arent we all just inlurrvee with our bloggies heheheh.

congratulations to the author of Written Thoughts!!

and happy 100th post Mr WT! :p

aina said...

thank u darlings!i have a feeling written thoughts is a sissy man.hehe.takpe2 we love our blogs no matter what kannn*group hug*