Tuesday, January 13, 2009

on a lazy tuesday evening

as i was lying down in tawfiq's room whilst playing sudoku on my phone,the baby came and hugged me.he then said' i love my bestfriend'.he calls me his best friend and i proclaim the same.that little gesture of his truly made my day.i know i could always rely on the baby for therapy.im just hoping he'd stay small so we would be best friends foreverrrr and everr.like how i used to say it to my then best friend when i was still a kid,with our pinky fingers locked against each other



aint time flies fast?


nashrah said...

aaarghhhh geram nye tgk tawfiq! comel sgt :))

aina said...

he likes his kak nashrah too!

darl,dah lama u tak dtg my hse.

fArHaNa said...

wa cute gila this kiddo! :)

p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...

ooo taufiq rupenye...
kakkoi ne~nihonjin mitai~~

aina said...

farhana-hey twin sister,
that's my baby couz.he lives next door.

aina said...

pana-san-kawaii desu ne!marilah dtg umah i kacau die lagii.hehe

Azie Nazri said...

dulu comel.

sekarang comel PLUS hensem.

mmmmmm geram2!

want babies to play with tooooooo.
jeles :(

aina said...

tawfiq's a heart breaker,i tell ya;)

u have ur baby couz to play with kannnn?the one yg kt nak match make dgn tawfiq tooo.tee hee heee:p

mojax said...


Chip, Acad and me went to your booth taw aritu. but you're not there. Try to reach your hp, but xbley.



*jap. why evry1 talking abt babies/kids?
geez banana. Is it seasonal? (and contagious too)


aina said...


omg u did!oooh mesti u pg pagi?coz i had class in the morning.i jaga the booth 12.30 onwards.and i jg only on tht monday.ala klu tak boleh i kasi times mags 0.50sen je.i kasi 50%discount utk member.heehe

ahhh man,serupa ke.tak best nyee.

hahhahahahhahhaha.i know.we sound like our moms!:)

safwan said...


so cute!

he looks just like me when i was 20 years younger and 100 kilos lighter.

aina said...


p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...


sharifah salmah Alshatri said...

hahaha...hope he gets married with the half blood girl tu...:p hahaha

S.H.A.Z.A. said...


aina said...

shaza kakak feveret