Saturday, January 10, 2009

u wont understand this if ur a guy

Menses. I hate it when it comes every single month. No, I’m not talking about the excruciating pain. I’m talking about the emotional ride that comes with it. There are girls who goes through it very well with smiles. Others would cry at the beginning or before it happens. Than there’s my kind, the ones that would cry before, during and after. Every tiny bit can cause distress and soon it becomes a helluva rollercoaster ride. I’d cry when the baby cries, when people condemn my cooking, when friends can’t have dinner with me, when I read the papers and see such inhuman acts.

So guys, if u have sisters, friends or even gfs that u care about, and u happen to know that their time of the month is approaching, be a sweety and treat them with the upmost gentle, loving care that a guy can offer. Prove to us, girls that chivalry is still very much alive:)


Farzen Master said...

What?! only during menses?! I thought girls are in emotional turmoil 24/7....hehehe....but then again, so r some dudes....8D

p/s: I can assure u, chivalry still lives in us men. Although I do love to bug my sisters especially during menses....hahahaha

aina said...

isk3X.very bad,syeikh.verrrry bad.

memain je:p

chivalry still exists?*gasp*sungguh tak sangka esp seeing how they push us, grls bila naik bus and rebut the grls with out books,bags and killer shoes have to bare the pain going bck home.

safwan said...

I think chivalry is pretty much alive in most men.


p/s:i should make charts of my future gf's you-know-what.

then she can't be a pain in the ass and pretend it's coz of menses.

aina said...

hhhahahhaa.mmg most grls use pms as an excuse pon.better prepare frm now prepared for long lectures,sudden breakdowns,wild accusations and loads more.