Saturday, January 3, 2009

i wanna go to lgkw with saf and mona!

Not to be a whiny brat or anything but I’m not feeling too peachy these past few days. I feel like throwing up, I have this ringing buzz in my ears; I still have a man’s voice due to the sore throat. oh poo. I tried to cheer myself up with creamy cheese cake and even that didn't help my aching worried, it’s been quite some time now.

I eat such delicious meals yet I feel like throwing up. and I don’t wanna throw up. but it seems as though my body doesn’t respond well to food these days. Please help me. Please let me have my appetite back and give me energy. Please cure my throat so I don’t sound like a she-man albeit it’s sexy.

aaah and the title->i wanna go to lgkw with saf and mona and go on an island exploration with them.that'd be soo much fun.and i just love langkawians.they're so polite and friendly.ahhh if only i can skip classes for just a couple of days.that would be super!


Farzen Master said...

sounding like a she-man is sexy?! hahaha....I'd like to try some o' them creamy cheese cakes though...mmmmm....8D

nafasdunia said...

wah wah aina!
skip classes?
nk join ahh.. ;p

aina said...'s all coarse like macy la tuee:p
oh the cheese cake i bought at a restaurant in sec was goood but kinda dry.

teddy-jom jomm jommm!first week bkn nye blaja sgt ponnn kan;)

Azie Nazri said...

aina, mebe u have gastric?
explains the nausea.
should go have a check, i think.

hope u get well soon!

and boleh makan banyak banyak!

Farzen Master said...

u stated macy gray as an example....hahaha...kejam...XD

aina said...

azie->tulah i think so too.ooh i rmbr one time when i was in f4,my whole family went to australia for a vacation.i was left alone at home.anyway,i didnt eat at all for one whole week,i would only drink water when i get wasnt because i was on a diet,it was because i tada appetite nak mkn tummy would make really loud noises and all my frens would laugh and i rmbr liking those noises.

grr.i was soo weird back then.

aina said...

syeikh->hahhahhahahhahaha.her voice is sexy laa!